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What Women Business Owners Want

Women Business Owners Want Someone to Brainstorm With, to Be Proactive, and to Make Decisions

Welcome to my 5 part blog series, "What Women Business Owners Want."  This week's topic is Women Business Owners Want Someone ​to Brainstorm With, to Be Proactive, and to Make Decisions.

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Since 2008, I have been happily and gratefully success partnering with women entrepreneurs who are growing their businesses online. My old corporate cubicle was in my rear view mirror as my path to business ownership and entrepreneurship became a reality.

I’ve picked up an interesting nugget over and over again in calls with prospective clients, as well as with active clients. They want (no, NEED) a trusted person in their business to brainstorm with, to be proactive, and to make day-to-day operational decisions on their behalf. They’re ready to focus on revenue generation tasks that will grow and propel their businesses forward.

All these women want someone who will treat their businesses as if they were their own while attending to the multitude of day-to-day operational tasks and decisions.

In the beginning, the energy of being everywhere and doing everything in the business is often viewed as a badge of honor for many women business owners. It’s difficult to turn loose of that feeling of being in control of everything.

When that high wears off, they find themselves on an unwanted and unexpected path to burnout. Many begin to realize there are higher priorities in life than racing against an ever-growing task list that doesn’t create comfortable momentum in their businesses.

Another found nugget…

It’s lonely being the only one in charge of everything. Every opportunity, every decision, every task, every issue, every solution, and every strategy belongs to you as the owner and CEO when you don’t have someone to share the responsibilities of running a successful online business.

Women business owners want a trusted person to be a sounding board for the multitude of ideas and opportunities, to share ideas and consider options. They want someone who is not afraid to speak up.

Business Owner Focus

" ​I wish I could just find someone to help me figure stuff out."

One woman sized it up nicely when she voiced her wish that she could just find someone to help her figure stuff out.


Before you can begin to turn loose of the reins, you want to hire someone you can trust who is invested in the growth and success of your business.

Trust is a huge concern for women entrepreneurs. I know...I’ve been there too as a business owner and as a manager providing business management services to a hungry marketplace.

Your business is your created and nurtured it to where it is today.

You want to hire someone who...

  • ​Understands your business vision and mission
  • ​Understands what you are building and how you are doing it
  • ​Has a marketing mindset and always looks at ways to market your business
  • ​​Honors and respects your team, customers, and vendors

Is this you? Let’s set up a Complimentary Discovery Call.

I hope you enjoyed reading this ​post.  ​Let me know in the comments below if this post struck a cord with you. 

About the Author Brenda Violette, Fractional Integrator

Brenda Violette is the founder and CEO of Violette Business Services, LLC an online business and operations management company serving visionary women entrepreneurs since 2008. Brenda’s core service offering is Fractional Integrator, often called a Virtual COO in the online entrepreneurial space. If you are familiar with the book Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters, you will recognize the roles of Visionary and Integrator. The V/I Duo. Some Integrators like Brenda, work with online businesses that need the expertise of an Integrator but are not yet ready to hire a full-time Integrator. She partners with women CEOs generating early million-dollar organizations while sitting in the Visionary seat of the company and running their online service-based company on EOS®. The Entrepreneurial Operating System® has become more and more popular in the marketplace. And Brenda loves it because it is a simple and straightforward framework for creating traction and growth for her clients. In the role of Integrator, it is her job to drive the model. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurial women grow and scale their purpose-driven service-based companies. To learn more about how a Fractional Integrator can help you create big growth and sustainability visit

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