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testimonial from Dr Elizabeth Boggier, MountainView Veterinary Hospital

When Leadership Resonates: A Heartfelt Testimonial that Reminded Me of My “Why”

As a dedicated Fractional Integrator™, I've always believed in the transformative power of effective leadership when combined with the power of the EOS® system, especially when it comes to breathing life back into businesses on the brink. But every once in a while, a story from a client touches my heart in ways I could never anticipate. Dr. Elizabeth Boggier's testimonial about her experience with me is one such story. 

To my fellow visionaries out there who may be facing similar challenges, I share this not as a testament to my work but as a testament to the power that EOS®, combined with the right leadership, can have on a business. May this be a beacon of hope, reminding you that change, growth, and rejuvenation are truly possible no matter where your business is today. 

A Journey from Despair to Renewed Hope: A Visionary’s Experience

An Honest Testimonial For Brenda Violette, Our EOS® Fractional Integrator™

Dr. Elizabeth Boggier, Visionary of MountainView Veterinary Hospital, NJ

It is difficult to put into words the profound impact that Brenda Violette has had on our veterinary hospital team and organization. Prior to her joining us, we were on the brink of collapse, held together by scotch tape and bubble gum. The toll of stress and burnout had touched every member of our team, and we were losing our best people due to the unbearable pressure. As the owner, I was working 80 hours per week, attempting to manage every aspect of our organization, and was seriously considering selling the business.

Our hospital culture was at its lowest point, and it seemed like hope was slipping away. Morale was in shambles, and it felt like an uphill battle just to keep the ship afloat. But then, like a beacon of light, Brenda entered our lives, and everything changed. 

From the moment she stepped in as our EOS Fractional Integrator™, we knew we were in capable hands. Her leadership and guidance have been nothing short of miraculous. She took the time to truly understand our challenges, empathize with our struggles, and craft a roadmap to pull us out of the depths. In the first 90 days, we suggested she cut us loose and jump ship many times. She would always just smile, politely decline, and remind us to “Trust the System.”

Through her efforts, the transformation has been nothing short of astonishing. Brenda's leadership and strategic planning have given us a renewed sense of purpose and direction. She empowered us to define our core values, mission, and vision statements, bringing back a sense of unity and shared purpose among the team. 

Weekly leadership meetings (L10s) have become powerful problem-solving forums where we address issues head-on and ensure we are collectively moving in the right direction. Brenda's ability to foster open communication and collaboration has been instrumental in rebuilding trust and camaraderie among the team.

Beyond the tangible improvements, Brenda has given us something far more precious - time to heal and focus on what truly matters. With her at the helm, we no longer bear the weight of day-to-day management, and we have been able to devote ourselves to our respective roles and responsibilities. A palpable change was evident even within the first few weeks.

Brenda's dedication to building a sustainable structure and framework has breathed new life into MountainView. The Accountability Chart, the Seats Identified, and the GWC evaluations have allowed us to realign our team, ensuring that every member is in the proper role and is genuinely passionate about their contributions. As for myself, I now had the time to enjoy my profession and saw my patients with a spirit I thought was forever lost.

One of the most touching moments was when Brenda rolled out the inaugural "State of the Company" to all employees. Her transparency, authenticity, and unwavering commitment to our growth resonated with each one of us. It was a turning point that galvanized us as a united force, ready to take on any challenge.

Thanks to Brenda's exceptional talent in developing and hiring new people, we have welcomed fresh faces into our organization who share our values and passion. This has reinvigorated our team and infused us with new ideas and perspectives. 

But perhaps the most significant achievement of all is the transformation in our hospital culture. Fueled by a newfound sense of purpose and belonging, the toxic environment of burnout and stress has been replaced with a culture of support, encouragement, and growth.

In the words of Simon Sinek, "Leadership is not about being in charge. It is about taking care of those in your charge." Brenda embodies this philosophy to her core. Her unwavering dedication to our well-being has been the driving force behind our reawakening.

In conclusion, we owe a large part of our rejuvenation and newfound hope to Brenda's exceptional leadership and unwavering commitment to our team. She has not only helped us "right our ship" but has also guided us toward a brighter future filled with promise and potential. We sincerely appreciate her presence in our lives and the positive impact she has had on our organization.

I am grateful she did not take my multiple offers to give up on us to save herself before it was too late. Her immense capacity for patience is a virtue I am very much trying to emulate.

We are looking forward to our next 90 days with Brenda by our side, renewed vigor, hope, and joyful anticipation.

This Transformation Truly Was A Team Effort

While Dr. Boggier's testimonial greatly honors my contribution, it’s essential to note that the transformative journey MountainView embarked upon was a collective effort. It wasn’t just about one person's guidance – it was about a team that chose to unite and push forward. Kathryn, our dedicated EOS® Implementer™, played an instrumental role in helping to implement EOS®, and the entire team at MountainView Veterinary Hospital exhibited exemplary resilience. They chose to fight forward in a profession known for its high burnout and suicide rates, a testament to their determination and heart.

Moreover, I want to highlight Dr. Boggier’s courage. Deciding to implement EOS® into her business was a significant leap of faith, and it’s a step that laid the foundation for everything that followed. I'm immensely proud of her for taking that bold step and equally proud of the entire MountainView team for their commitment to the process.

Why Sharing This Matters to Me - and Could Matter to You

Reading Dr. Boggier's words humbles me and reminds me of the transformative power of EOS® and my purpose as an Integrator™. It's stories like these that fuel my passion to help visionary leaders navigate their most demanding challenges and emerge stronger. 

To all the visionaries out there, know that you don't have to face these hurdles alone. If Elizabeth's words resonated with you, if you see a bit of your own story in hers, I'm here. Let's start a conversation, connect with me, and together, we can embark on a journey toward a brighter future for your organization. Perhaps, in the future, I'll be sharing your story, brimming with gratitude and pride.

Not Familiar With EOS®?  Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®):

For those of you reading this who are unfamiliar with the Entrepreneurial Operating System®  (EOS®), I encourage you to learn more about this transformative system. Think of it as a toolkit for businesses, big and small, to find their footing and thrive. It’s been a game-changer for many, including Dr. Boggier’s business. Learn more at EOS Worldwide.

About the Author Brenda Violette

Brenda Violette, Founder and CEO of Violette Business Services, LLC, is a highly experienced and sought-after Fractional Integrator and Mentor based in Connecticut. With a remarkable track record of over 30 years in leadership, Brenda excels in administration, operations, and people management. As a relentless learner, Brenda actively engages in multiple EOS-based Visionary/Integrator communities and holds esteemed memberships in the FIM (Female Integrator Mastermind) and Advanced Integrator Mastery Forum in Rocket Fuel. She’s also a distinguished Rocket Fuel Mastery Program graduate and a certified Kolbe Consultant™. With a keen focus on driving growth and making a positive impact beyond profit, Brenda guides Visionaries to achieve their strategic goals. Brenda brings transformative value to her clients and partners exclusively with companies operating on the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), who are already working with an EOS Implementer or have graduated from the program. Discover how Brenda can propel your business towards significant growth and sustainability while freeing you to fulfill your role as the Visionary. Visit www.BrendaViolette.com to learn more.

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