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Journey to Helping the Visionary CEO

From Corporate Healthcare to Fractional Integrator: My Journey to Help the Visionary CEO

In 2008 during a economic recession and losing employment with a major healthcare company, Violette Business Services, LLC, ("VBS") an online business and operations management company was born.

Yes, I was one of the 6.96 million new small businesses, according to the Business Journals, that started in response to the many layoffs during that recession.  

A new chapter in my working career began. Pivoting from working as an employee to a business owner who is responsible for creating, building and running my own company has been an exciting and evolutionary journey.  

Before I was not one who ever yearned entrepreneurship.  I'm not a Visionary like my amazing clients who own and lead multiple 7 figure companies.   

From an Employee Learning All Aspects of Business…

While working in the brick-and-mortar space as employee for nearly 30 years, I grew my skills in many operational and business management roles.  I spent most of those years in small to medium-sized businesses, and then worked in corporate for 10 years before moving to solopreneurship.

Thanks to that experience, I understand the roles a Visionary (often a founder and hold a title of CEO) needs in the organization to grow sustainable profit, reach and freedom.  

I know what team members need to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.  Accordingly, women entrepreneurs enjoy a happier, more productive team, which is a key factor in business growth.

My clients are Visionary entrepreneurs running their mission-driven companies on the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS).

They've worked hard to get the company out of the start up phase and into a business model that generates consistent revenue and that perfectly meets the needs of their community and the market. 

People want what they have to offer, and more.  

The primary business issue is they are pushing up against the ceiling in the ability to move the company forward on their own.  They hired others along the way to help them get their innovation ideas across the finish line, but hiring people means managing people.  The Visionary's Unique Genius® does not typically include managing the mountain of details of running the day-to-day of a successful and growing company.  And managing and holding people accountable, well for most Visionaries, that's simply not in the DNA of a Visionary Entrepreneur.  

My clients are ready to let GO to GROW their company to higher levels of revenue, service to their clients and freedom in the business to operate in the best seat in the organization for them, the Visionary seat.  

Is this you?

My service offerings are Fractional Integrator™. Please feel free to connect with me on a discovery call to determine the level of service required to kick your organization into higher levels of traction and success.

...To Solopreneur Working with Visionary Clients

When I created VBS in 2008, like most entrepreneurs, I was trying to find my place. After I left corporate, I needed to figure out how to create a business and transfer all those years of experience in administrative, business, and operations management over to a new frontier: the Internet. 

In 2009, I read the book Becoming an Online Business Manager by Tina Forsyth.  I intuitively and immediately knew I was on the right track. Soon after that, Tina offered an Online Business Manager Certification Program. Of course, I was totally IN. However, I didn’t know this was the first step to making the Visionary women business owner my ideal client.

As a new business owner, I had no additional funds to pay for the program. However, to pass over the opportunity due to lack of funds would be a big mistake. I wanted a path where I’d be able to combine my natural-born genius into a new frontier. 

For several years, I operated VBS by serving clients from the Online Business Manager model. Through those years, I grew in my management and leadership skills.  A new path was beginning to open – at the time, I just didn’t know it!

A New Path Opened Toward the Visionary Entrepreneurial Client

One sunny day, I was headed for Ohio to meet with one of my clients. Previously a mastermind partner had shared with me a new book, called Rocket Fuel: The One Essential Combination That Will Get You More of What You Want from Your Business, by Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters.  I devoured the book during the entire trip.

From the very beginning of the book, I was able to immediately resonate and agree with the challenges outlined that Visionary business owners face while striving to grow a profitable and sustainable business.

I had witnessed and strived to navigate those same challenges first hand working with CEO's while serving clients in the in a general business manager role.  

After reading the book, it was so clear to me how supporting them through a role called the Integrator would create rocket fuel for moving the company to higher levels of profit, reach and freedom.  Together, we could make their vision and desires become reality.

For years, I had encouraged my clients to play a bigger game in their life and business. Now, it was my turn. Immediately, I recognized myself in those pages as the Integrator, undeniably the highest level of business and operations management support to these high achieving women entrepreneurs. 

What Does It Mean to Serve a Visionary at a Higher Level? 

First and foremost, every Visionary business owner craves someone to come alongside and help scale the business. Also, the Visionary yearns for someone to help them realize the vision they have for changing the world through her company. 

In my work, I’ve come to understand that Visionaries see things from a different dimension. Because they can see the vision so clearly, they see it like it has already happened. However, they don’t know how to get there.

Enter the role of Integrator™

In truth, every Visionary CEO needs an Integrator™: together, they make dreams a reality.

In every way, I’m passionate about making a difference in the lives of business owners by equipping them with the high level of leadership, management and accountability support they need to grow and scale their business, have a work life balance, and enjoy peace of mind. 

Are you ready to get more of what you want from your business? 

If so, the words of my client Gail may resonate with you…

“I feel like I own a business and am no longer owned by my business. 

My business had grown to adolescent proportions – lot of big ideas but not a lot of know how.  Brenda quickly guided us into young adulthood!”

Gail tully

Founder and Creator of Spinning Babies®

Curious about what an Integrator™ does? If so, watch this video and let your imagination run wild.

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About the Author Brenda Violette, Professional Fractional Integrator for Companies Running on EOS®

Brenda Violette founded Violette Business Services, LLC, a Connecticut-based virtual business management and consulting company. Her company is a solo EOS Integrator™ practice. She partners exclusively with companies running on the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) and works with an EOS Implementer™ (or has graduated!). Since 2008 she has been working with Visionary entrepreneurs to help them get unstuck at operational and organizational levels and get the most out of their businesses. As an entrepreneurial business owner herself, Brenda understands the Visionary mindset, their needs, and challenges. Her ability to adapt and keep the organization moving forward is a well-honed gift she brings to any entrepreneurial-led company. Brenda is a relentless learner and fiercely dedicated to growing her leadership and management skills by reading, training, and participating in organizations. She is a well-known and valued member of several EOS-based Visionary/Integrator communities, including a Rocket Fuel Mastery Program graduate, FIM, and an Advanced Integrator™ Mastery Forum Member in Rocket Fuel. Brenda is passionate about living her best EOS life and helping her clients to live theirs too! To learn more about how a Fractional Integrator™ can help you create big growth and sustainability visit

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