Helping successful multiple 6-7 figure women business owners just like you, remain the face of your business, the Visionary leader, and CEO.

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Online Business Management Program for successful women entrepreneurs ready to
stop managing and start growing their business.


All your hard work has paid off. You have a multiple 6-7 figure business, and you’re finally doing what you love to do.

As your business grows, you change the world.

You make good money, work with great clients, impact lives, and people know who you are.

Woman Business Owner

There's just one nagging problem...

You're still DOING everything, and you're stuck! 

Every day, you lose most of your time taking care of administrative and management stuff and not doing anything to grow the business.

You work long hours keeping the balls from dropping, and you're exhausted, overwhelmed, and on the fast-track to burnout.

You want to run a successful business and have a life, but you can't get out from under the crushing burden of managing every little piece of the business.

Overwhelmed Woman Business Owner

You have a team, but spending all your time managing them is frustrating and time consuming. 

You're swamped with operations and customer support, program/product development, launches, and marketing. 

After spending all your time managing, you're too exhausted to figure out how to grow the business. 

That's not what you wanted when you started your business, is it? 

Maybe you wonder if it's all worth it!

Imagine What It Would Be Like To...

  • Easily transform your business so it serves you, rather than you serving it.
  • Have the time and creative energy to grow your business and do what makes your heart sing... every day.
  • Make money and change the world with your talents... and easily scale up so you can serve more people.
  • Feel happy, refreshed, and in control of your business.
  • Stop wasting time with tasks others can do so you can plan the future of your business.
  • Be free from recruiting, hiring, and managing your team. Let someone else do that - you have better things to do with your time.
  • Get a good night's sleep (every night!) knowing your team has everything under control. You don't have to check up on them or make sure they're doing their tasks.
  • Make better decisions with all the info you need at your fingertips.
  • Stay on top of your revenue and expenses.
  • Take a consistent salary from your business.
  • Know your business will run like clockwork no matter where you are.
  • Live your life and enjoy family and friends, with no worries about the office.
  • Have your weekends free again to do anything you want.
  • Feel healthy and energized because you have the time and energy to eat better, get good rest, and exercise.
  • Take vacations on a whim, without worrying about things falling apart while you're gone.

There is a SOLUTION!

You can live life on your terms while LEADING and GROWING the business you love!

with my

Platinum Online Business Management Program

Don't make this mistake!

Most business owners wait too long to find the business support they need.

 Do it now, before you're burned out or ready to throw in the towel. 

Finding the right people is another common challenge for women business owners.

Most business owners simply don't know how to find the support and expertise they need to get unstuck.

I've had countless conversations with women business owners who are frustrated and disillusioned with hiring online support professionals.  

Online Business Management support is different from
Virtual Assistant support

There is a huge difference between managing tasks and managing a business. 

You need an expert in knowing how to execute specific tasks and work with specific technologies.  

That's where a Virtual Assistant comes in.


At the multiple 6-7 figure revenue levels, you need business management support (a Second-in-Command) that allows you to step out of managing your team, day-to-day operations, and projects, including product development and marketing implementation.

The difference lies in the results.

You need a team for short-term tasks, but their work doesn't always deliver immediate revenue results.

Business Results Ahead

You need another layer of leadership in your business that will transform the way you do business.

You bring the WHY and I supply the HOW..

I do this by...

Taking your vision and strategic plan and implementing it so you can serve more people, make a bigger impact in the world, and make money... while working less.

Here's how we'll do it...

The Platinum Online Business Management Program

This platinum program manages your online business, including the day-to-day operations, product development, product launches, marketing implementation, your team, and collecting and analyzing company metrics.



You’ll gain 50, 60, 70, 80+ hours a month to focus on growing your business, not managing it. You'll finally have time to bring to life all those products and services you've stored in your head.

Your business will grow quickly when you have the time and energy to focus on bringing in revenue.


This program is not a line-item expense, but rather an investment in your business. According to The Huffington Post, small business owners report that one extra hour in a day is worth more than $500. In other words, time is money. The return on your investment is high.


Overwhelm and loss of control disappear as you let go of operational and technical concerns. Leave those challenges to me while you do what you love.


You’ll have more time, more energy, and less frustration every day when you don't have to provide help, guidance, work assignments, quality control, and answers to team concerns. I'll take that off your plate.


Your customers will be thrilled you can serve them at higher levels, creating amazing retention. It costs less to to keep a customer than to get a new one, and the more you sell to current customers, the higher your profit margin.


Your team will be happy and more productive when they can keep their momentum going on tasks and not wait on you. In addition, they'll be less stressed with my consistent, proactive approach to workload.  


You won't be tied to the business 24/7 anymore, so you’ll finally have the lifestyle balance you’ve always wanted. You can shut down on time every day and have weekends and holidays off!


You won’t feel alone or that you’re doing this big thing all by yourself. We're partners, and I'll care for your "baby" “as you do. This is why there's a limit on how many are in the program.


As your business grows, you can make good decisions because you’re armed with all the intel you need. Knowing your numbers helps you navigate sales and marketing because you know what works and what doesn't.


Return on Investment

You'll realize a tremendous return on investment from this Platinum Online Business Management program when you step out of the manager's role and focus ONLY on what you can do to grow your business.
Business Growth
When you're stuck in the manager role, you're not serving the higher good of the business and the people you serve. 

And, most importantly, you're not serving YOU.

Growing your business not only serves and expands your market, but it also grows and sustains your own personal salary!

According to the Huffington Post, small business owners report that one extra hour in the day is worth more than $500
In other words...

Time is Money!

This program (depending on size of your business) will give you back 40-80 plus hours every month. 
Time you can focus on how to grow the business.

You do the math. 

The program more than pays for itself!

Calculating Return on Investment


Stepping out of the following areas will propel your business forward and increase revenue, profitability, and sustainability. You'll reach more people with your solutions and change their lives.

Virtual Team
Team Management
Marketing Funnel
Marketing Management
Product Development
Product Development
Project Management
Project Management
Business Operations
Operations Management
Metrics Management
Product Launches
Product Launches
Systems & Automation
Systems & Automation

Are You Ready to Change the
Future of Your Business and Life?

Seats for this program are limited!

About Me

I'm Brenda Violette, Founder and CEO of Violette Business Services, a business management company that partners with high-level successful women business owners to grow their online businesses. 

I help my 6-7 figure clients comfortably step out of the daily grind of managing their businesses so they can focus on being the leader and CEO of their business.   With management responsibilities off their plate, they have the time and creative energy to focus on growing their businesses and having a life.

"...but my clients would tell you that I help them create a business they can love again!”

Client Success Statements

My high level clients sometimes ask that I do not post their testimonials on public web pages for various privacy reasons. 

You'll receive testimonials from exclusive clients in when you schedule a Discovery call with me.

The following are a few statements to give you a taste of what my clients are saying.

“When I stepped up and hired Brenda I knew things were going to change, but little had I know to what extent! I don’t know how she does it but Brenda is on top on everything, keeping my business running while I can focus on my true brilliance and money generating activities.”

“Brenda demonstrates incredible attention to details and ensures quality completion on even the most complex projects. Her dependable presence and vast skill-set allows me to step out of daily operations and focus on growth. This has resulted in an average of 35% increase in revenue each year.”

“Brenda is a rare partner in that she is able to think big picture while managing our diverse array of products, services and team members. She built a solid foundation of systems that supports current endeavors and new opportunities.”

“Brenda served as my Director of Operations for my organization for 4 years. In that time she served as catalyst for improvement at every turn.”

“If you want to take your business even beyond the next level, then I strongly recommend that you hire Brenda as your Director of Operations.”

“Brenda skillfully helped me develop programs, launch products and overall effectively market my services.”

“I’m over the moon happy. Brenda helped me develop a evergreen program that delivered 6 figures in the first year and has continued to deliver high revenue and value to my clients for the past 3 years.”

“Brenda is the perfect business partner and is as focused on creating results as I am, which feels extremely good for a solo entrepreneur.”

“With Brenda on board I feel confident and know that every detail is handled with professionalism, care, and my bottom line is taken care of.”

Be sure to scroll down the page to read what client team members want to share with you.

Program Features

High Personal Touch

High personal touch and accessibility during work hours are extremely important to my clients. In this program, I work with only 1-2 Platinum clients annually to ensure high touch, time, creative energy, presence for team members to keep momentum going, and focused attention on quality and detail.

Signature System

My signature system, "The Client Delivery Playbook", serves as a lighthouse for me in working with my clients. It's a valuable compilation of years of working with online clients and teams. It includes a road map, business, marketing and team assessments, audit tools, checklist, and much more.

Reporting & Analysis

My clients receive a variety of custom business reports that gives them up-to-date information, happenings and metrics in the business.  This intel enables them to feel that they have their finger on the pulse of the business without being buried in day-to-day.  Metrics provide them with business stats that help them make the best possible financial, marketing, and business decisions.

Strategy Sessions

One-on-One monthly Strategy Sessions, including an Annual Meeting in person every year to lay out and plan business goals for the the following year. 


Many of my clients travel to offline events. Typically, I travel with them to support them and manage the multitude of back-end logistics, activities, event teams, sales, and marketing at these events. 


My clients benefit from my experience of many years of managing businesses, both offline and online. This includes my deep bench of team resources, extensive training in digital marketing, online tools, marketing marketing, and business management.

What Client Teams Say...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
Laura Dempsey
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
Helma Kranz
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
Anastasia Barre


“I had the pleasure of working on Brenda's team as a Virtual Assistant and really enjoyed the experience. 

Brenda is a great team leader and manager. She is very clear in communication and delegation, very respectful and cooperative, and makes sure she builds good relationships with team members. 

As an excellent Online Business Manager, she is open-minded and looks at the whole business picture strategically, effectively delegating tasks to the team and appreciating feedback. She is always easy to reach and responsive.

I highly recommend working with Brenda. As a Virtual Assistant, you'll have a supportive and professional team leader; as a business owner, you'll get an outstanding Online Business Manager."

Anastasia Barre (Virtual Assistant & Infusionsoft Expert)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
Sharon Brougton

Excellent at Managing Teams and Projects!

“Brenda is the consummate Online Business Manager. She knows her stuff and is excellent at managing the team and projects (both large and small). 

I highly recommend Brenda for all your Online Business Management needs.

Sharon Broughton (Sharon Broughton Team)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
Kara Jones


“Brenda is an impressive and highly organized business manager. She truly can and does it all! 

I had the pleasure of working for Brenda with a client that runs a sophisticated and thriving membership based organization, thanks to the logical and efficient processes Brenda established. 

It was such an easy onboarding process to begin working with Brenda, as everything was well organized and thoughtful."

Kara Jones (Sales Operations Specialist)

Is This Program A Good Fit?

  • You're a successful woman business owner with a proven business model that generates a minimum of $360K annually or $30K/month in gross (top level) revenue.
  • You have a well-established client base.
  • You've had it! You're absolutely ready to let go and delegate.
  • You're serious about growing your business and willing to invest in team and business management services.
  • You work with a coach or mentor.
  • Still stuck in the "DOING" of the day-to-day management of your business.
  • Financially ready to invest in leadership, management, team and resources to achieve your goals.
  • You have a clearly defined vision and strategic plan for growth.
  • You "get it" that your online team, led by your business manager, is an integral part of your business - not employees.
  • Absolutely ready for work and lifestyle balance.

Are you ready to accelerate growth, profit, and sustainability without being responsible for LEADING and MANAGING everything in your business?

Seats for this program are limited!

But Wait....There's More

As a Platinum Online Business Management client, you'll also receive... 

Systems & Automation
1 Year Subscription to Process Street

Checklist, Workflow and SOP Online Software lets you quickly create workflows, checklists, and standard operating procedures (SOP) that are easily shared with team.

(Value $300)

Begin the transformation today!

Seats for this program are limited!


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I'm really busy and overwhelmed with work. How much time is involved in hiring and training you?                                                                   

How long have you been an Online Business Manager and how did you become an expert on Online Business Management?

What makes you different from other Online Business Managers?                                                                                                

What would you say are your super powers?

Have you taken the Kolbe A Index?

How do you work? What can I expect if we work together?

What kind of personality do you work best with?                            

Do you provide a team?  What if I don't have a team?                    

I'm already delegating tasks to my team, what would I delegate to you?

I'm so excited to get the administrative and business management tasks off my plate, but what's left for me to do?

My business is a mess.  I don't have the time to get organized before I let you see behind the curtain.              

How much does the program cost?

What would be my return on investment?

What happens next?

Don't Miss the Chance to Transform Your Business and Life Today!

Seats for this program are limited!