The Kolbe System

has changed the way we do business.

The game of business is changing. Companies that can’t keep up will likely be left behind. As individuals, it’s even more critical we know who we are and what we can depend on in ourselves to meet our goals. We need to tap into our natural instincts to overcome challenges we face as individuals and companies.

In the role of Professional EOS Integrator™ and Kolbe Certified™ Consultant, I love helping my clients develop leadership and execution teams who are sitting in the right seats of the organization and creating a

culture of engagement and a sense of responsibility to shape the future of the company.

It's such a joy and satisfaction for me when business owners and their teams realize they are perfect just the way they are.  

Any tension or stress in their company roles and other people can be reduced with a few simple strategies.

Channels of communication are opened.  Without communication, culture cannot be transferred and would cease to exist.


Teams and organizations move ahead by leaps and bounds when everyone knows how they, and those around them, best solve problems.   

Start using the Kolbe Proven Process by getting a Kolbe A Index for everyone on your team.

Kolbe Solutions for Business Leaders

What is Kolbe?

Are you an individual who would like to take the Kolbe A™ and receive an interpretation of the results?  More and more companies are including the Kolbe A™ Index as a part of the process for building effective teams.

Kolbe Solutions for Business Leaders

Are you a business owner?  If so, would you like to learn more about the “The Proven Kolbe System™, Helping You Achieve What You Care About Most” to equip yourself with the tools to recruit, develop, and align a winning team that provides you with a greater return on investment?

how will your team naturally take action, when they are  free to be themselves?

There are four action modes in Kolbe: Fact Finder, Follow Thru, Quickstart and Implementor. These are driven by instincts, and represent the primary ways we tackle challenges. Kolbe measures them on a scale of 1-10, and respondents are labeled as Preventative (1-3), Accommodating (4-6) and Initiating (7-10). As the labels suggest, the continuum spans from preventing problems to initiating solutions.


Kolbe’s four Action Modes are the modern breakthrough in understanding and explaining conation. Kathy Kolbe’s key insight was that everyone has a strength in how they operate in each of these Action Modes. Each person’s method of operation, or “MO,” is their strength in that area.


The instinctive need to probe and the way we gather and share information.

Behavior ranges from gathering detailed information and documenting strategies to simplifying and clarifying options. This Action Mode deals with detail and complexity, providing the perspective of the past.

follow through

The instinctive need to pattern and the way we organize and design.

Behavior ranges from being systematic and structured to being adaptable and flexible. This Action Mode deals with structure and order and provides focus and continuity.

quick start

The instinctive need to improvise and the way we deal with risk and uncertainty.

Behavior ranges from driving change and innovation to stabilizing and preventing chaos. This Action Mode deals with originality and risk-taking and provides intuition and a sense of vision.


The instinctive need to demonstrate and the way we handle space and intangibles

Behavior ranges from making things more concrete by building solutions to being more abstract by imagining a solution. This Action Mode deals with physical space and provides durability and a sense of the tangible.

Monumental impact

What others have to say about learning about the Kolbe Proven Process™

I found the results of my Kolbe A very validating.

It's easy as a business owner to fall into negative self-talk in response to challenging tasks or decisions.  Many times I have thought to myself I should be better at this or that.  After all, I'm the leader of my company.  

By learning my conative strengths through my Kolbe A I now know that I'm perfect just the way I am.  I can play into and lean into my natural strengths.

Thank you Brenda so much for introducing me to Kolbe and
bringing me through the assessment. I found it incredibly valuable and I really appreciate it and I highly all business owners to leverage this tool in understanding themselves and their teams to create profitable and dynamic teams. 

Dani Whitestone

Founder & Small Business Coach

Women's Small Business & Leadership Network

Brenda introduced the Kolbe Proven Process™ in my company.  As a starting point, she had everyone on my team, including me, take the Kolbe A™ Index.  

It was an eye opening experience.  The results of each of the team's Kolbe A™ gave insight to why certain team members were struggling in their roles, and how to leverage the conative strengths of others to new roles.

The process literally empowered our company's organizational chart.  

Now when we hire, we incorporate the Kolbe Proven Process™ as part of our next steps in the interview process. In fact, I understand myself and others with compassion.

As we set expectations for projects, we know who to put in charge. Business life is better than ever!

Gail Tully

Founder and CEO 

Spinning Babies

After I took the Kolbe A assessment, I felt like I finally figured how/why I operate. It has positively influenced my partnerships with colleagues at work and has helped me set goals for myself. Contrary to other assessments, I feel like I know myself better and can better take advantage of my natural approach.

Benjamin Aberle

Recruiting Manager

Robert Half, Inc.

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