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Are You Ready to Increase Profit and Get Your Life Back? | Brenda Violette | Virtual COO | Online Business Manager

Are You Ready to Increase Profit and Get Your Life Back?

I’m not sure if this is for you, but if you want to increase profit in your business…


If you have a proven business model that is generating a minimum of 7 figures a year…


You’re SO ready to be FREED from business and operations management tasks and activities that aren’t getting you closer to your growth goals...

You're in the right place!

Violette Business Services specializes in partnering with 7 figure women-owned businesses , who are feeling OVERWHELMED, OVER-WORKED and STUCK in GROWTH.

Their business has been growing and their time SHRINKING.

They’ve literally become a SLAVE to the business.

They spend their day buried in the daily tasks of running a business with no time and energy left to focus on the higher level tasks that will actually GROW the business.

Is this YOU?

It wasn’t supposed to be like this...

You created an online service-based business with the intention of gaining FREEDOM, FINANCIAL SECURITY, and to make SIGNIFICANT and LASTING CHANGES in the lives of others and the world!

You didn’t create a business to be a SLAVE to I right?

When you’re in this place, you’ve created a JOB for yourself!

When your organization is dependent on you doing all the work, or even most of it, you'll continue to STRUGGLE to grow.

I’m here to share GOOD NEWS with you and help you increase profit!

First, you can GROW past where you are right now, and even beyond.

Second, you can have the time and energy FOCUS on how to increase profit and CHANGE THE LIVES of your clients and the world! We create time so you can grow your business and get your life back.

Finally, you can have a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS and a LIFE too! All you need is an Integrator.

So, how open-minded are you?

What if I said that you CAN have the business of your dreams?

It all starts with a healthy dose of DISCERNMENT.

What will it take for your business to INCREASE PROFIT and give you back your LIFE?

When you’re a 7 figure business owner, it's time to share the responsibilities of running a SUCCESSFUL business to experience REAL growth!

You don’t have to do it ALONE.

Up to now you’ve been BURIED in all the “doing” of running your business.

You don’t have to be the one that DRIVES the ENDLESS TASK LIST that never seems to see the light of day.

But how can you stop being the driver? 

In short, you need an Integrator, aka as a Virtual COO who can manage your team and free you to do what you do best – move the company toward growth by creating.

An Integrator will...

  • Oversee daily operations including people, processes, and systems
  • Harmoniously integrate the major functions of your company
  • Execute your business plan
  • Provide leadership, management, and accountability for your leadership team
  • Resolve issues efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Ensure projects are well-managed and day-to-day tasks run smoothly
  • Be accountable for P&L results
  • Remove obstacles or barriers to accomplishing annual and quarterly goals
  • Ensure your leadership and execution teams are harmoniously rowing together toward the company's vision, mission and goals
  • Harness your Visionary ideas
  • Ensure the company operating system is being followed by all
  • Be the "glue" that holds everything together

Do you want to LEARN MORE?

I invite you to follow me on my Facebook Page and other social channels for updates, tips, and resources designed for 7-figure women entrepreneurs and business owners.

Plus, when you’re READY, schedule a complimentary 30-min discovery call with me.

  • There is a short application (that’s my red rope process)
  • No pressure discovery call. There are no decisions to move forward made on this initial discovery call. Hiring a second-in-command role is a BIG deal. I want to HONOR that process and decision for you. This is too ensure a good fit for BOTH of us.
  • Finally, I only work with 1-2 high-level clients at time, as Virtual COO (Fractional Integrator) is a high touch business and operations management service to support the GROWTH of my client businesses.

However, you may feel you’re not ready for the big step of hiring a second-in-command role in your business yet.

That’s cool!

If you’re not READY, then we would not be a good fit right now.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I've tried working with women business owners who were not READY as I had a heart to help them, but it doesn’t work so I don’t do that anymore!

I’m all about MOVING YOUR BUSINESS FORWARD to increase profit and give your more freedom and control over your company. 

Finally, please feel free to leave me a comment below to let me know if this post resonated with you. 

This post was originally written and posted on 8/15/2018. Updated 8/20/2021.

About the Author Brenda Violette, Fractional Integrator™ for companies running on the Entprenurial Operating System® (EOS)

Brenda Violette, Founder and CEO of Violette Business Services, LLC, is a highly experienced and sought-after Fractional Integrator™ and Mentor based in Connecticut. With a remarkable track record of over 30 years in leadership, Brenda excels in administration, operations, and people management. As a relentless learner, Brenda actively engages in multiple EOS®-based Visionary/Integrator™ communities and holds esteemed memberships in the FIM (Female Integrator Mastermind) and Advanced Integrator™ Mastery Forum in Rocket Fuel. She’s also a distinguished Rocket Fuel Mastery Program graduate and a certified Kolbe Consultant™. With a keen focus on driving growth and making a positive impact beyond profit, Brenda guides Visionaries to achieve their strategic goals. Brenda brings transformative value to her clients and partners exclusively with companies operating on the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®), who are already working with an EOS® Implementer™ or have graduated from the program. Discover how Brenda can propel your business towards significant growth and sustainability while freeing you to fulfill your role as the Visionary. Visit to learn more.

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  • Kenya Halliburton says:

    This is so great Brenda! The concept of having a “second in command” feels so freeing. You have done such a great job laying out how a Virtual COO can help you make more money and give you back your time. It’s great to know that this exists when I am ready. It’s easy to feel like you are the only one who can run your business and to get trapped in something that was meant to create freedom for you and your family. Thanks for the information.

    • Thanks for your kind words Kenya!

      Yes, it’s SO easy to fall into a trap that tells us that we’re the only one who can run our business.

      It’s totally understandable. We’ve all done it!

      Our business is our heart, our baby, and to turn over any responsibility even a little is challenging to say the least. Even when it’s in our own best interest.

      Although there comes a time… if we want our baby to mature, when we need others to play different roles in each of the growth stages of our business to help us accomplish our goals.

      With a second-in-command, a Virtual COO, you’ll have time and freedom in your business to focus on growth, not the daily minutiae.

      You’ll begin to realize the full vision you had for your business at inception.

      For most entrepreneurs that vision gives them time, freedom, wealth and purpose.

  • At some point in the life of every business owner, they realize they do not have the ability or skills or desire to keep doing everything. Having a Virtual COO like Brenda allows the business owner to focus on what they do best and leave the details of managing people, programs, customer service, etc. to another professional.

    • Thank Cindy for your post! The typical “hit the ceiling” moment for most online business owners is when their revenue hits the $250K mark.

      This when they will begin hiring virtual assistants to support the business in the execution of tasks. Tasks and projects that the business owner still needs to manage.

      A proven business model will begin to increase revenue which requires more time and energy from the business owner to manage daily operations, increased team recruiting and daily management, and technology beyond the business owners skill set and time to learn.

      A great deal of time is spent by the business owner to keep the business going and not enough time and freedom to focus on growing.

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