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Are You Ready to Increase Profit and Get Your Life Back? | Brenda Violette | Virtual COO | Online Business Manager

Are You Ready to Increase Profit and Get Your Life Back?

Imagine the excitement and vigor you felt on day one of your entrepreneurial journey. You started with a clear vision of scaling your business, making an impact, and leading a balanced life. But as your business grew, did you find yourself buried under a mountain of tasks instead of feeling more liberated? Welcome to the paradox of success.

Are You A Visionary On The Brink?

Business success can be a double-edged sword. As your business expands, so does your to-do list. It’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture when drowning in daily tasks. You might recognize these symptoms:

  • Endless Days: The promise of a flexible lifestyle has morphed into late-night emails and working weekends. Your endless workdays are eating into personal and family time, straining your relationships and quality of life.
  • Decision Fatigue: From deciding which vendor to choosing to finalize a marketing strategy, every decision, big or small, demands your attention. And it’s all leaving you drained and struggling with decision fatigue. Even deciding what to eat for dinner is causing a mental strain.
  • Stunted Growth: You work longer hours yet feel your business should have achieved more for all the effort you’ve put in. Growth and profits have stalled out, and no matter how hard you seem to work, it feels like an endless uphill battle you can’t win.

If any of this sounds even remotely like you, it’s clear that you got lost somewhere along the way. The only way to find your way back to where you need to be is to return to why you started your business in the first place. 

Revisiting Your Visionary Dream

Take a moment to remember those early days when you were fueled by passion and a vision. What was going through your mind back then? Were your dreams all about PROFIT? Or were you dreaming of the FREEDOM to enjoy life on your terms, the FINANCIAL SECURITY to provide for your loved ones, and the chance to make a genuine DIFFERENCE? 

Now, I want you to think about where you are today. What are you primarily focused on? Are you dreaming about the future of your company? Do you still have the same passion and visionary drive you initially had? Or has daily operations taken center stage, pushing your real dreams to the backdrop?

Breaking the Chains: From Visionary to Integrator™

If daily operational challenges are clouding your visionary drive, the solution isn't another course on time management or a new productivity tool. What you actually need is a shift in your organizational structure. You need a trusted second-in-command. Someone who can break those daily operational chains holding you back from being a Visionary genius. You need an Integrator™.

An Integrator doesn’t replace what you do as a Visionary – they EMPOWER and FREE you. With an Integrator by your side:

  • Efficiency Becomes the Norm: An Integrator doesn’t just manage – they optimize your business operations and ensure that your vision gets executed with precision.
  • Teams Thrive: By aligning strengths with roles, an Integrator makes sure everyone is in the right seats and is set up for success, ensuring your team and workplace culture thrive.
  • Your Vision, Realized: An Integrator has a special knack for taking your groundbreaking ideas and ensuring they get communicated and implemented effectively to drive growth. They also act as a sober sounding board for your ideas and can tell you when something doesn’t align with your long-term vision or whether it’s simply the wrong timing to implement it.

Boosting Your Bottom Line: The Integrator™ Advantage

It's not just about relieving stress or streamlining processes – at the heart of every business decision is the bottom line. Let's break down how an Integrator directly fuels profitability:

  • Operational Efficiency: With a meticulous eye, an Integrator identifies and rectifies inefficiencies. This not only saves costs but can also uncover hidden profit centers within your existing operations.
  • Cost Management: Their expertise lies in understanding where money is best spent. By reallocating resources effectively and negotiating with vendors, an Integrator can significantly reduce overheads.
  • Enhanced Team Productivity: A motivated, well-aligned team doesn't just perform – they excel. With an Integrator ensuring each team member is in their zone of genius, you get higher output for the same payroll expense.
  • Strategic Growth: Beyond daily operations, Integrators have a keen sense for spotting market opportunities and potential areas of expansion, ensuring that you're always a step ahead in leveraging profitable ventures.
  • Risk Mitigation: Mistakes and oversights can be costly. An Integrator plays a pivotal role in foreseeing potential risks and implementing preventive measures, ensuring you avoid expensive pitfalls.

With these strategies in play, the role of an Integrator becomes more than just a managerial necessity. They become instrumental in driving your financial growth, ensuring that your profit margins expand as your operational headaches shrink.

Why Settle When You Can Soar?

You started your business to make an impact, not get bogged down in daily tasks. If you’ve already made the transformative step to implement EOS into your business, a Fractional Integrator might be the key to reclaiming your time so you can refocus on your vision and rekindle the passion that ignited your entrepreneurial journey.

A single conversation is all it takes to initiate change. Reach out, and together, we can explore the benefits of integrating a Fractional Integrator™ into your business model. This isn't about selling a service; it’s about rediscovering the essence of your entrepreneurial spirit.

Your Journey, Your Pace

Change can be daunting. If you’re not sure you’re ready for an Integrator yet, that's okay. Every business journey is unique, and timing is crucial. Whether you’re ready to jump in or just testing the waters, know that support and solutions are available when you choose to seek them. The EOS Worldwide website can be an excellent resource to help you decide your next steps in this journey.

Share Your Thoughts

I'd love to hear from you!

  • If you’re a Visionary – how do you handle the challenges of scaling? Do you find operational tasks stifling your growth?

  • Or if you support Visionaries by being an EOS Implementer, an Integrator like me, or a superstar team member, I’d love to hear your thoughts on your role's impacts in helping Visionaries increase their profits.

Leave me a comment here, and let’s also connect on LinkedIn to continually share and pave the path to growth and success together.

About the Author Brenda Violette

Brenda Violette, Founder and CEO of Violette Business Services, LLC, is a highly experienced and sought-after Fractional Integrator and Mentor based in Connecticut. With a remarkable track record of over 30 years in leadership, Brenda excels in administration, operations, and people management. As a relentless learner, Brenda actively engages in multiple EOS-based Visionary/Integrator communities and holds esteemed memberships in the FIM (Female Integrator Mastermind) and Advanced Integrator Mastery Forum in Rocket Fuel. She’s also a distinguished Rocket Fuel Mastery Program graduate and a certified Kolbe Consultant™. With a keen focus on driving growth and making a positive impact beyond profit, Brenda guides Visionaries to achieve their strategic goals. Brenda brings transformative value to her clients and partners exclusively with companies operating on the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), who are already working with an EOS Implementer or have graduated from the program. Discover how Brenda can propel your business towards significant growth and sustainability while freeing you to fulfill your role as the Visionary. Visit www.BrendaViolette.com to learn more.

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  • Kenya Halliburton says:

    This is so great Brenda! The concept of having a “second in command” feels so freeing. You have done such a great job laying out how a Virtual COO can help you make more money and give you back your time. It’s great to know that this exists when I am ready. It’s easy to feel like you are the only one who can run your business and to get trapped in something that was meant to create freedom for you and your family. Thanks for the information.

    • Thanks for your kind words Kenya!

      Yes, it’s SO easy to fall into a trap that tells us that we’re the only one who can run our business.

      It’s totally understandable. We’ve all done it!

      Our business is our heart, our baby, and to turn over any responsibility even a little is challenging to say the least. Even when it’s in our own best interest.

      Although there comes a time… if we want our baby to mature, when we need others to play different roles in each of the growth stages of our business to help us accomplish our goals.

      With a second-in-command, a Virtual COO, you’ll have time and freedom in your business to focus on growth, not the daily minutiae.

      You’ll begin to realize the full vision you had for your business at inception.

      For most entrepreneurs that vision gives them time, freedom, wealth and purpose.

  • At some point in the life of every business owner, they realize they do not have the ability or skills or desire to keep doing everything. Having a Virtual COO like Brenda allows the business owner to focus on what they do best and leave the details of managing people, programs, customer service, etc. to another professional.

    • Thank Cindy for your post! The typical “hit the ceiling” moment for most online business owners is when their revenue hits the $250K mark.

      This when they will begin hiring virtual assistants to support the business in the execution of tasks. Tasks and projects that the business owner still needs to manage.

      A proven business model will begin to increase revenue which requires more time and energy from the business owner to manage daily operations, increased team recruiting and daily management, and technology beyond the business owners skill set and time to learn.

      A great deal of time is spent by the business owner to keep the business going and not enough time and freedom to focus on growing.

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