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How Do I Know if I’m a Visionary or Integrator?

Discovering my natural role as an Integrator was a pivotal moment in my journey. And it was one that transformed not just my career but also how I view success and collaboration in the business world. Before embracing my path as a Fractional Integrator, I navigated the choppy waters of post-recession entrepreneurship. All in all, it was a time of reflection and reinvention after leaving a corporate role that no longer aligned with my aspirations. However, as I set out on a mission to support visionary entrepreneurs, my purpose was clear, but the 'how' was still unfolding.

In 2015, everything changed. I stumbled upon the book “Rocket Fuel: The One Essential Combination That Will Get You More of What You Want from Your Business.” And for me, this was more than just a popular read – it was a revelation. The concept of an Integrator resonated deeply with me. And knowing the answer to whether I was a Visionary or Integrator, was like finding a piece of a puzzle that I didn't know was missing. In the end, I realized that my true calling was to be the steady force behind Visionaries, to take their grand ideas and ground them into operational realities.

Why You Need To Know If You’re A Visionary or Integrator

The journey to self-discovery wasn't just about finding a job title for me – it was about understanding where my strengths could make the most impact. And it's a journey most entrepreneurs and business leaders grapple with. Perhaps you can relate to this challenge. Or maybe you know your strengths and just need to be pointed toward the role that suits you best. In either case, if you intend to make your mark on this world, you need to be able to answer a critical question:

Are you the dreamer who envisions the future, or are you the navigator who charts the course to get there?

In this article, I'll guide you through understanding the distinct roles of Visionaries and Integrators. And I’ll share personal insights and strategic tips to help you identify which path aligns with your innate strengths. Because knowing whether you're a Visionary or an Integrator is not just about fulfilling your potential—it's about setting the stage for your business to thrive.

Understanding the Visionary Role: The Dreamer

The Visionary is the dreamer in the business realm, the one who looks beyond the horizon and imagines what could be. They are the entrepreneurs who see opportunities where others see obstacles. And they are often the driving force behind a company's inception and growth. Visionaries are typically big-picture thinkers, brimming with ideas and constantly envisioning new ways to innovate and expand. They are the source of inspiration and energy within their organizations.

However, Visionaries often face challenges when it comes to the details. The nitty-gritty of day-to-day operations, the systematic follow-through, and the granular-level problem-solving can be draining and distracting for them. They thrive on creativity and strategy, not on routine and repetition. And this is exactly where the need to team up with an Integrator™ becomes evident.

The Integrator: The Navigator Who Makes the Dream Work

On the other side of the coin is the Integrator. As an Integrator myself, I've come to understand that our role is crucial in translating the Visionary's broad strokes into actionable plans and structured processes. In essence, we are the ones who take the grand vision and break it down into manageable, tangible steps.

Integrators excel in creating order from chaos. We are adept at managing people, processes, and priorities to ensure that the company operates smoothly and efficiently. And our strength lies in our ability to be focused, detail-oriented, and pragmatic. We are problem solvers who thrive on creating systems and structures that turn ideas into reality.

Unlike Visionaries, who are motivated by the 'what' and the 'why,' Integrators are driven by the 'how' and the 'when.' We are the ones who ask the tough questions, hold the team accountable, and ensure that the business is on track to achieve its goals.

Deciding Who You Are: Visionary or Integrator?

Determining whether you're a Visionary or an Integrator requires introspection and honesty about your natural inclinations and skills. For example, if you're energized by new ideas, strategic thinking, and big-picture planning but find yourself bogged down by details and daily operations, you might be a Visionary. However, if you excel at organizing, systematizing, and driving execution, you might be more suited to the role of an Integrator.

It's also important to consider what gives you satisfaction and where you feel most competent. For example, are you more fulfilled when being the creative fuel behind the vision that propels and inspires others? Or do you find deeper satisfaction in being the spark that ignites that fuel by taking a vision and turning it into a tangible reality? After all, understanding your core competencies and where you derive your professional joy is key to determining your role.

Embracing Your Role: Visionary or Integrator

Once you've identified whether you're a Visionary or Integrator, the next step is embracing this role wholeheartedly. This acceptance is crucial for your personal growth and the success of your business. With this in mind, here’s how you can fully step into each role:

If You're a Visionary:

1. Focus on Big-Picture Thinking

Concentrate on innovation, strategic planning, and growth opportunities. In essence, your role is to keep dreaming big and pushing the boundaries.

2. Delegate Detail-Oriented Tasks

Acknowledge that managing day-to-day operations isn't where you shine. With this in mind, delegate these tasks to someone who thrives in this area – an Integrator™.

3. Communicate Your Vision Clearly

Your ideas can only come to fruition if they are understood. So, ensure you're communicating your vision clearly and effectively to your team, especially your Integrator™.

4. Stay Open to Feedback

While vision is your forte, practicality may not be. Because of this, you’ll want to stay open to feedback from your Integrator™ and team, especially when it comes to the feasibility of your ideas.

If You're an Integrator:

1. Embrace Operational Leadership

Your strength lies in making things happen. So, embrace your role in steering the company’s operations and managing the day-to-day tasks. After all, you’re the one with the power to turn the Visionary's ideas into reality.

2. Develop Strong Communication Skills

As an Integrator, you’re the bridge between the Visionary’s ideas and the team’s execution. With this in mind, effective communication is key to ensuring everyone is on the same page.

3. Cultivate Problem-Solving Abilities

Your role often involves tackling challenges head-on and finding solutions. So, hone your problem-solving skills to navigate the complexities of business operations.

4. Balance the Visionary’s Aspirations

While the Visionary might have boundless ideas, it’s your job to assess their viability. In essence, your job is to ensure that the company’s goals are realistic and achievable.

The Synergy of Visionary and Integrator

When a Visionary and an Integrator work together, it creates a powerful synergy. The Visionary sets the destination, and the Integrator maps out the journey. This partnership is essential for a balanced and effective approach to business. Here's how this synergy manifests:

  • Visionaries Inspire, Integrators Ground: While Visionaries can inspire and motivate with their grand visions, Integrators™ ground these ideas in reality, creating a practical path to achievement.
  • Innovation Meets Execution: Visionaries bring innovation to the table. And Integrators™ ensure that these innovations are executed effectively and efficiently.
  • Strategic Decisions Meet Operational Excellence: Visionaries make high-level strategic decisions. Meanwhile, Integrators ensure that these decisions translate into operational excellence.

Finding Your Place

Understanding whether you’re a Visionary or Integrator is not just about fulfilling a role – it’s about recognizing where you can make the most significant impact. In my journey, discovering that I was a natural Integrator opened a path where I could leverage my skills to their fullest, supporting Visionaries in bringing their dreams to life. It also gave me a direction to focus my training and education efforts, enabling me to learn more efficiently and become a more effective Integrator.

Regardless of whether you’ve discovered that you’re a Visionary or Integrator, it’s important to realize that every successful business needs BOTH a dreamer and a navigator. Whether you are the one who dreams big or the one who charts the course that makes those dreams a reality, embracing your true role is the first step towards achieving harmony and success in business.

Your Thoughts?

Are you a Visionary or Integrator? How has understanding and embracing your role changed the way you approach your business? I’d love to hear your experiences and insights. Share your thoughts in the comments below, and let’s continue to learn from each other’s journeys.

About the Author Brenda Violette

Brenda Violette, Founder and CEO of Violette Business Services, LLC, is a highly experienced and sought-after Fractional Integrator and Mentor based in Connecticut. With a remarkable track record of over 30 years in leadership, Brenda excels in administration, operations, and people management. As a relentless learner, Brenda actively engages in multiple EOS-based Visionary/Integrator communities and holds esteemed memberships in the FIM (Female Integrator Mastermind) and Advanced Integrator Mastery Forum in Rocket Fuel. She’s also a distinguished Rocket Fuel Mastery Program graduate and a certified Kolbe Consultant™. With a keen focus on driving growth and making a positive impact beyond profit, Brenda guides Visionaries to achieve their strategic goals. Brenda brings transformative value to her clients and partners exclusively with companies operating on the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), who are already working with an EOS Implementer or have graduated from the program. Discover how Brenda can propel your business towards significant growth and sustainability while freeing you to fulfill your role as the Visionary. Visit www.BrendaViolette.com to learn more.

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