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Make a Bold Decision to Hire an Integrator

Make the Boldest Decision You Possibly Can To Grow Your Business by Hiring an Integrator

If you’re a successful seven-figure woman entrepreneur who feels frustrated, stuck, burned out, or ready to scream, I’d like you to take a moment and daydream with me about your life after hiring an Integrator.

First, imagine getting up in the morning whenever you decide. You have a leisurely breakfast, an invigorating workout, a blissful shower, or simply a moment to enjoy a cup of delicious coffee. (Can you see yourself?)

As you get ready for your day, you love the freedom to check your email when you want to, not because you must see if any issues need your attention. (Or you don’t check it because you know your Integrator has everything in order.)

Next, you might work from home, or you might go to your office. You sit down and immediately start working on your newest project, a product you’ve wanted to offer for a long time that you’re genuinely enthusiastic about.

Because You Were in Your Genius Zone, You Didn't Realize You Worked Through Lunch.

You finished more today than you would have in a week before hiring an Integrator. You had hours of uninterrupted time to work because your phone didn’t ring once.

Toward the end of the day, you walk upstairs to have your daily meeting with your Integrator. In the hallway, two team members tell you how much they enjoy their jobs now.

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You finished more today than you would have in a week previously. You had hours of uninterrupted time to work because your phone didn’t ring once.

Toward the end of the day, you walk upstairs to have your daily meeting with your Integrator. In the hallway, two team members tell you how much they enjoy their jobs now. As you walk by the sales department, everyone smiles. You can’t help but remember six months ago, when you handled the day-to-day. What a difference!

In your meeting, you talk about the team and some upcoming training, the sales figures from last month, and how you want the marketing team to roll out the new campaign. Everything is positive, upbeat, and runs like clockwork.

After a half hour of productive and inspirational talk with your Integrator, you go back to your office and work for another hour on a marketing idea you had while in your meeting. Now it’s 5:00, and it hits you.

Still No Phone Calls, Thanks to Hiring an Integrator.

Previously, you couldn’t work for more than an hour without an interruption, usually some mundane task that tore you away from your projects. It never failed: you had to stop what you were doing, usually mid-thought, go take care of that task, and then try to get back in the groove.

The worst part? It took longer to get back into your zone than it did to take care of that task. You chuckle to yourself as you think of how long you resisted hiring an Integrator. You knew you needed to handle everything yourself, and your business couldn’t function without your hand in everything.

Next, you look at last quarter’s sales figures. You created one new service and two new products after hiring an Integrator. The service had a six-figure launch and has broken sales records since, and you know the products will also do well when you release them next week.

With a happy smile, you think of the time you gain every day since hiring an Integrator. The service wouldn’t have launched until next month, and the products would’ve been six months down the road if you’d stayed the course doing it all alone.

Saving Time with An Integrator

After a Productive, Fulfilling Day at Work, You Leave the Office to Enjoy Your Home Time.

You leave the office to meet your family for dinner at their favorite restaurant. Time to relax, truly relax. After dinner, you help your spouse with a home project and watch a little television with the kids, who are growing fast. Next year, your son goes to college and your daughter learns to drive.

And you’ll get to be there for all of it, thanks to hiring an Integrator.

Snuggled in bed, you read a chapter of the latest book by your favorite author and then go to sleep, knowing your company’s management is in good hands. You’re free to do what you need to so the company can grow.

You stepped fully into the CEO role in your business and into the you role at home. No more sleepless nights worrying about the team’s performance and feeling like you have no one to help. No more juggling work time and home time.

In the end, you have work time and home time, and you’re truly present to enjoy all of it.

Enjoy Your Free Time Because You Hired an Integrator

All Made Possible by One Decision. Hiring an Integrator.

Now, step back into the present with me. How did that day feel? Did you feel energized, enlightened, happy?

Did that day feel like most days did when you started your business? Let me ask, is that a day you’d like to experience now?

You can and you will when you hire an Integrator to take over the day-to-day while you create and help your business grow. If you’re ready to live this every day, contact me, and we’ll see if we’re a good fit.

One Important Decision to Hire an Integrator

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About the Author Brenda Violette, Fractional Integrator

Brenda Violette is the founder and CEO of Violette Business Services, LLC an online business and operations management company serving visionary women entrepreneurs since 2008. Brenda’s core service offering is Fractional Integrator, often called a Virtual COO in the online entrepreneurial space. If you are familiar with the book Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters, you will recognize the roles of Visionary and Integrator. The V/I Duo. Some Integrators like Brenda, work with online businesses that need the expertise of an Integrator but are not yet ready to hire a full-time Integrator. She partners with women CEOs generating early million-dollar organizations while sitting in the Visionary seat of the company and running their online service-based company on EOS®. The Entrepreneurial Operating System® has become more and more popular in the marketplace. And Brenda loves it because it is a simple and straightforward framework for creating traction and growth for her clients. In the role of Integrator, it is her job to drive the model. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurial women grow and scale their purpose-driven service-based companies. To learn more about how a Fractional Integrator can help you create big growth and sustainability visit

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