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Many business owners are ready to hire an Online Business Manager when they simply cannot grow their business any further with them being the only one in charge of everything!

You’re a woman business owner. Your time is limited. In order to grow your business to higher levels you already know that means that you must stop working IN your business so that you can work ON it each day – becoming the effective Leader (CEO) of your business.  It may be time to hire an Online Business Manager.

Your business survived start up and now you the face the challenges of a business that has traction and needs to be continually led and managed to grow into the VISION you have for it.

I got it…I’m a business owner myself.

Not only do I have over 30 years of experience in business administration and management operations and systems, but I have my own business too!

For nearly 30 years I worked as an employee for brick and mortar companies. Small to Medium and then Corporate businesses. When I went out on my own in 2008 I had to learn a whole new skill-set – how to be a CEO of my own business. I was always the leader and manager for someone else and now I’m the boss – who knew!

I truly understand the unique challenges you face as a women entrepreneur!

Stressed Business Woman

My expertise and passion lies in partnering with successful business owners – like you – to help you grow your business from a multiple 6-figure business to your first $1M and beyond, while building the infrastructure that will continue to support and grow your business into the future. My clients are empire builders.

There is a Solution, There Is Help!

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You started your online business in the first place for the following reasons...

Ready to Hire an Online Business Manager?
  • ​You want a choice in how you run your work and day
  • You want to share and spread your ideas
  • You want to have an impact in the the world
  • To have control over your time, freedom and money you make
  • Maybe you were sick of the 9-5 and limitations placed on you working for someone else
  • You want to be happy and successful on your own terms
  • To have a business you can schedule around your family and personal pursuits
  • You want to commit to something bigger than themselves
  • To gain the flexibility that running your own business provides

Is this you?

  • You have a successful business model generating multiple 6-7 figures and feeling stuck in being able to grow any further on your own.
  • Your business is growing and your free time is shrinking.
  • You are turning away revenue opportunities because you're just too busy to follow through and/or commit to anything more.
  • Customers and clients are beginning to become annoyed with no customer support systems in place and time to follow up on issues.
  • You have a team that is doing an amazing job executing on tasks but you find yourself spending the major of your critical business building time managing them and projects.
  • You're the only one in charge of everything and it's taking it toll on you - family, health, revenue and your passion for the business.
  • You're feeling overworked, overwhelmed and over-stressed.
  • The business has grown (which is great) along with that growth is increased business activities and complexities that you are either not skilled to handle and/or should not be handling being the CEO and Leader of the business.
  • You want to be able to grow the business to new levels but you've hit a ceiling with you being the only one "DOING" everything!
  • You're a Visionary. Everyday you have a continue flow of ideas to grow the business with no creative time, energy and focus to implement.
  • You often feel that the business is holding you CAPTIVE. You can't move forward and you've come to far to give up.
  • You're finding it difficult to balance all the various factor of your business without losing track of specific details.

Lately it looks like may have created a job for yourself!

You can still move toward that VISION by getting the management support you need to break through that ceiling.

It's time to hire an Online Business Manager!

Ready to Hire an Online Business Manager?

How Will I Know What to Delegate to My Online Business Manager?

Hire an Online Business Manager today to accelerate the growth of your business!

About Me

Brenda Violette, Online Business Manager

Hi, I'm Brenda Violette, Founder and CEO of Violette Business Services, a business management company that partners with entrepreneurial woman who have built a multiple 6-7 figure business and are still stuck in all the "DOING" in the daily operations and marketing management of their business.

Working on their own, they've reached a plateau and are unable to grow to higher levels of revenue, stability, and lifestyle balance in their business. They're at the point where day-to-day responsibilities are sucking the life out them, leaving no space for creative energy and time to focus on how to grow the business.

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