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Is It Time to Hire a Virtual COO?

Is your business ready to hire a Virtual COO (Chief Operations Officer), an Integrator  role to help you grow and scale your business?

Notice I didn’t say…are YOU ready to hire a Virtual COO?

Often the BUSINESS is ready for the next step in its growth before the business OWNER is.

Women business owners are typically so accustom to performing every role in their growing business to keep it running everyday.  

They they don't realize they are probably "burning out" in the process.

Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • You feel overworked, overwhelmed, stressed and just plain exhausted  
  • Sitting on a treasure chest of opportunities to increase profit, reach and purchase with no time or energy to lift the lid
  • You're frustrated with the never-ending task list of things that don't seem to get you closer to your goals
  • Spending more time managing than growing your business

It's time to get help.

Hiring a second-in-command to help you get out of the day-to-day so you can focus on growth and expansion is a perfect solution.  

It's the answer to that question you keep asking yourself, "How Can I Keep Going On This Way?"

What is a Virtual COO?

A Virtual COO is a seasoned professional online business manager who serves the founder or CEO sitting in the Visionary seat of the company. executing and managing the company's vision, mission and goals in an online space.

The COO's role in a business is responsible for

...planning, organizing coordination and executing the CEO and business owner's strategy.  

The CEO and business owner need a role in the organization that will daily align company resources.  This alignment will ensure that the business is running smoothly, efficiently and things are getting done. 

Virtual C.O.O. | Brenda Violette

This Second-in-Command role description will vary,

...depending where the business is operating from in the marketplace; online or offline, including the size of the business. 

My clients are 7 figure visionary women entrepreneurs.  

They're typically consultants, trainers, educators and purpose-driven service providers building their organizations online in a variety of industries.  

These highly-motivated women business owners' laser focused goal is to grow and scale their business to move past 7 figures.  

These amazing and successful women arrived at a point in the growth of their company where they knew that it in order to accomplish big goals through their business was time to grow and expand their revenue, reach and impact in the world!

They knew in order to grow to higher levels they would not be able to do it alone.    

No highly successful business owner has been able to fulfill big visions on their own. 

If you're like most women business owners, you want so much more from your business and life than managing the day-to-day nuts and bolts of running a successful company.

To accomplish big goals you'll must let go of some control of running the day-to-day and bring-in the right support roles to grow your company forward. 

Before connecting with my services, clients craved time and creative energy to focus on growth-oriented tasks that only they could do to increase profit and reach in the marketplace.

Everything else needs to be delegated!

Is this you?

If you're like most women business owners you began feeling overworked, overwhelmed and stressed from running the business (the tipping point) around the $250K revenue mark.  

You're feeling the full weight of owning a growing business while being the only one responsible for everything to keep it going every day.

While the business is growing your time and freedom are shrinking! 

Your business has grown, but your time is Shrinking | Brenda Violette

As a Virtual COO, I'm extremely focused on the production and process of generating smooth and efficient pathways for revenue generation and scaling in my client's businesses. 

I support my client's organizations daily by leading and managing the key areas of day-to-day operations, projects, marketing, metrics, strategic planning and coordination and their teams.  

The following short video gives you a peek behind the curtain of my day.  

A Peek Behind the Curtain of a Virtual COO | Brenda Violette

The CEO and Virtual COO roles

The CEO and COO roles in a growing business are different and at the same time closely linked and dependent on each other.

It’s a unique partnership.

The CEO and COO are really partners in growth.

Each brings to the business different skill-sets and wiring that triggers growth and sustainability.

  • The CEO focuses on the GROWTH of the business.
  • The COO is responsible for ensuring the business strategy is executed, processes and systems are created to build a strong infrastructure, team and projects are in alignment with the CEO's vision, mission, and goals.

Together, VISION becomes REALITY!  

Collaborate with a Coach or Mentor

The role of the CEO is to focus on the growth of the business, 

...while the COO role is responsible for ensuring that strategies, systems and automation, people, technology, product development, and marketing are in alignment with the vision, mission, and goals of the CEO’s company.  

The CEO Focus

Do you want to elevate your business to higher levels of profit, reach and impact in the world?

Are you tired of feeling alone, overworked, overwhelmed and frustrated trying to keep your business running while having little or no time to focus growth activities?

The most productive and efficient path is for you to fully focus on your role as CEO and leader of your business.  

Virtual C.O.O. | Brenda Violette

In order to lead your company into the future you must to focus only on higher-level growth-oriented tasks ONLY you can do to grow and scale your business. 

The following are some examples of growth-oriented tasks:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Serving Clients
  • Developing new products and services
  • Creating new offers
  • Phone Calls and Discovery Calls
  • Speaking
  • Webinars
  • Building strategic business relationships
  • Pitching
  • Media: Guest Interviews, Podcasts, Video, TV and radio

Everything else must be prioritized, delegated, and/or removed completely from your list!

All of the technical, administrative and back-end activities are led and managed by your Virtual COO (Integrator) to ensure the team completes tasks and projects on budget, on deadline and produces the desired outcomes. 

Just Imagine…

Showing up every day as the CEO Leader and face of your company.  

Not the manager stuck in the day-to-day details of running and managing a business.

Your company is growing and running smoothly.

You have a team who's engaged in your vision, mission and goals.

They've got your back!

The Virtual COO Focus

Want to get out of the day-to-day running of your business so you can focus on growth?  

Operations Managers live and thrive in the daily business and operations of your business.

My role as Virtual COO build out and manages the back-end machine so you can drive your business to success.

Virtual C.O.O. | Brenda Violette

Here's a quick peek behind the curtain of a typical day working in my client's businesses.

Peek behind the curtain of the day of a Virtual COO
  • Planning and strategizing business activities that are aligned with company goals.
  • Managing and overseeing the human resources (your team) function of the business, from recruitment and hiring to compensation and retention strategies (and everything in between).
  • Collecting and building solid analytics from company metrics for my clients to make confident business decisions.
  • Reviewing, creating, and building systems that serve as the critical infrastructure that keeps the business running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Identifying money-on-the-table opportunities and creating strategic plans to increase the bottom line.
  • Reviewing and cutting expenses from the budget where needed to improve profit margins.
  • Planning and executing business strategy calls with clients and teams.
  • Creating solutions to daily issues that come up in the business.
  • Making proactive decisions that keep the business running.
  • Reviewing client sales and marketing funnels to ensure we’re tapping into every opportunity to increase revenue and reach.
  • Ensuring that projects and tasks are completed on time and on budget.

There’s certainly more I could add to this list, but you get the picture.  

When your business is ready operationally and financially, hiring a Virtual COO is the most logical, growth-oriented decision you can make to scale and make your business more profitable and sustainable.

When your business is ready operationally and financially, hiring a Virtual COO (Integrator) is the most logical, growth-oriented decision you can make to scale and make your business more profitable and sustainable.

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Are you ready to hire a Virtual COO (Integrator) to help you scale and increase profit in your business?

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You'll complete a short application before scheduling the call (my red rope) so I can get to know you a bit before jumping on our call. 

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About the Author Brenda Violette, Professional Fractional Integrator for Companies Running on EOS®

Brenda Violette is the founder and CEO of Violette Business Services, LLC an online business and operations management company serving visionary women entrepreneurs since 2008. Brenda’s core service offering is Fractional Integrator™ often titled a COO. If you are familiar with the book Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters, you will recognize the roles of Visionary and Integrator. The V/I Duo™. Some Integrators like Brenda, work with companies that need the expertise of an Integrator™ but are not yet ready to hire a full-time Integrator. She partners with business owners generating early million-dollar organizations while sitting in the Visionary seat of the company and running their service-based company on EOS® - Entrepreneurial Operating System. EOS® has become more and more popular in the marketplace. And Brenda loves it because it is a simple and straightforward framework for creating traction and growth for her clients. In the role of Integrator, it is her job to drive the model. She is passionate about helping business owners grow and scale their purpose-driven service-based companies. To learn more about how a Fractional Integrator™ can help you create big growth and sustainability visit

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  • Julia Jordan says:

    In my experience, we business owners/entrepreneurs tend to be some level of control freaks! After all, we contributed the blood, sweat and tears to get the business where it is today! There comes a point though where we can no longer be everything our business needs! A COO is a KEY function to release to an expert to keep moving the business forward. And virtual….even better! Brenda is definitely an expert and laser focused on what it takes to allow your business to breathe and grow. Great posting!

    • Thanks so much, Julia for your excellent feedback! Yes, it’s a challenge for women business owners to give up some control now in order to gain greater control over her business.

      The good news…

      When she makes the savvy business decision to hire a second-in-command role, Virtual COO, she is happily surprised by the difference it made to increase profit and gain an efficiently running business.

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