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Want to take your business to new levels?

You will want to focus on the following high level activities and delegate everything else to your Online Business Manager.

The role of the Online Business Manager is to free up the business owner so that she can focus her time and energy on the things that only SHE can do to grow her business.

  • Big money generating activities
  • Focusing on making more money while working less
  • More strategic about how you spend your day and time
  • Getting the exposure and visibility you need
  • Working with clients
  • Write book
  • Do more speaking gigs
  • Product Development
  • Work on content marketing
  • Working with your coach or mentor
  • Building strategic alliances that will propel your business forward

Your team, led by your Online Business Manager (Second-in-Command) will implement your strategies for growth. You just need to communicate with your Business Manager what your plans are and she takes it from there to ensure your visions, ideas, strategies and plans are implemented.