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Gail Tully

Founder and CEO of Spinning Babies®

I feel like I own a business and am no longer owned by my business...

As an accidental business owner, I have struggled for years to get out of my business details so I could get on with my message!

You see I had an idea that became popular around the world. And although it helps people, I did not have time to meet the constant requests for new products and services. Every day, I felt I was letting people down.

My business had grown to adolescent proportion –lots of big ideas but not a lot of know how. Brenda quickly guided us into young adulthood!

In a short time, our team has grown closer, roles are clarified, systems are flowing, and I have released three new products with more on the way. Furthermore, I feel more in flow with time now since when I first began. Free now to be in my role, I show up with my talents rather than my talens!  I relax into my creativity because I can depend on Brenda.

Best of all, I feel like I own a business and am no longer owned by my business.

Violette Business Services provides Fractional Integrator Services to companies running on EOS.  Ideal for those working with EOS Implementers, as well as those self-implementing EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) in their business. 

I am passionate about helping women-owned businesses succeed!  If you'd like to learn more about the impact a Fractional Integrator can have on your business, book a call below.  I work with clients virtually combined with quarterly and annual live onsite visits.