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Do You Have Your Foot on the Brake in Your Business?

Do You Have Your Foot on the Brake in Your Business?

Do you have your foot on the brake in your business?  As I see daily, many business owners do and become frustrated when their company growth and momentum begins slowing down.   

In the role of CEO and leader of your company, you must act and respond to ONLY the highest priority and revenue-generating tasks to propel your organization's growth and scaling.  

Priorities such as:

  • Developer of new ideas and breakthroughs
  • Devising solutions to big problems
  • Big picture planning
  • Closer of big deals
  • Engage and maintainer of big external relationships
  • Conceiving new products and services
  • Being the entrepreneurial "spark plug" for the business
  • Company's vision creator and champion
  • Finally, keeping your finger on the pulse of our industry and target market.

As you focus on these priorities, your business will grow and scale to higher levels of profit, reach and freedom.  

In the beginning...

Previously, it was easier to "do" everything and keep your business running in the start-up stages of development.

Eventually, you were financially able to hire a few people to help you with the execution of straightforward administrative tasks.

In the meantime, the business started picking up momentum. More and more people were purchasing your product and services and asking for what's next. Of course, that created new energy and traction in the growth of your small company.

Now,You're Buried in the Day-to-Day

Today, your business doesn't seem so small anymore.

Most days, it feels overwhelming, frustrating, and exhausting. You're spending longer and longer hours in the business every day, including most weekends and holidays. Burning the candle at both ends attempting to get through your never-ending tasks list.

With sheer determination, you combat projects and tasks anticipating time, in the end, to finally have time to focus working ON your business; not IN it.

Woman Buried in the Day-to-Day of the Business | Violette Business Services

Make no mistake; it's exciting to experience the response of satisfied customers. It's a thrill to see your bank account grow every day. Of course, it's a joy to see your vision coming to life.

Still, you're stuck in this never-ending cycle of "doing" and not "moving." Without realizing it your foot is on the brake and not driving your business forward.

Taking Your Foot off the Brake to Move Forward

While you linger buried in the day-to-day business and operations management of your company, you're actually putting the brake on business growth.

How's that, you may ask.

Many business owners begin hiring people to help them execute administrative, operations, marketing, and project tasks when the business begins generating consistent revenue.

Even after hiring, the business owner continues to operate in the "doing" mode and is the only one directing tasks inside the organization. 

You're tapping the brake on business growth when you...

  • Are not leading your company's growth from your "zone of genius."  
  • Won't turn loose of the "vine" and let others help you.
  • Spend time and energy on the wrong priorities. Have mistaken staying busy and active as productivity. 
  • Fail to delegate and micromanage when you do.
  • Don't hire the right people for the right roles.
  • Fail to invest in yourself and the business. 

We've heard it said time and time again, "You can't do it all." Yet we're guilty of thinking we can.

Understandably, learning to give others responsibility for parts of your business can be one of the most difficult challenges for women business owners, no matter how big and successful the business has become.

If you think about it, you built your business from a dream and your own genius. Sheer determination and passion have been the prime motivators driving you through the challenges and joys of being a business owner.

In the end, being a business owner is definitely not for the faint of heart.

The business is your baby, but now you need to release some of that control for the business (and you) to be successful and healthy.

When your organization is dependent on you doing all the work, or even most of it, you'll continue to struggle to grow.

How do you release The brake?

One of the most effective ways to release the brake to move the company forward is to pull yourself out of the daily nuts and bolts of running the business.

Fortunately, this can be accomplished by simply hiring a Second-in-Command to share in the responsibilities of running the business alongside you.  

A seasoned Second-in-Command will:

  • Execute your business plan.
  • Take care of the day-to-day operations of your company.
  • Lead marketing activities.
  • Spearhead project management.
  • Manage and lead your team, including recruiting, hiring, training, and daily task workflows.  
  • Create systems and automation to increase an efficient and smooth running company.  
  • Develop financial controls that keep you in touch with the budget and expenses.
  • Collect, analyze and discuss company metrics with you.
  • Act as a sounding board for new ideas and issues that arise.

Of course, if you're like many entrepreneurs turning loose of control (even a little) of your company to another person can be an emotional one.  

Many refer to their company as their "baby."

However, here's the thing...

If you want to grow and scale you can no longer fly by the seat of your pants.

If you want to earn more, reach more people, and have a greater impact, you must do less.  

Are you putting the brakes on your business?

Are you a business owner who only feels productive when you're busy and active?

Peter Drucker, in his book, "The Effective Executive" draws a distinction between efficiency and effectiveness. He says, "Efficiency is doing things right, effectiveness is doing the right things."

How about you? Are you spending time buried in areas in your company that is not getting you closer to your business and profit goals?

If anything I've said so far makes any sense and quite frankly makes your heart pound a little faster (because I'm hitting a nerve).

It may be time for you to step up into and embrace your CEO which is focused on leading and growing your company to higher levels.

You'll need to plug the gap with a Second-in-Command role, a Virtual COO, to run the back-end of your company so that you stop focusing on the wrong things.

Don't get me wrong.

It doesn't mean you won't have stuff to do. It's just that now you'll be working on the right stuff.

Comments Welcome!

Are you spending time buried in areas in your company that is not getting you closer to your business and profit goals?  

I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.

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