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Business Planning

What Are Quarterly Rocks in Business?

As a Fractional Integrator™, one of my key roles is to help my clients translate their long-term visions into actionable goals. Recently, I facilitated my client’s company’s annual planning meeting. Together, we determined the top company-level goals for the upcoming year. During the meeting, our leadership team plotted their committed priorities (ROCKS) for the next […]

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Are All Your Business Arrows Pointing in One Direction?

Are All Arrows On Course To Achieve Your Business Goals?

As a visionary entrepreneur, you’ve crafted a beautiful vision for your company’s future and set the target your team will need to hit to make that vision a reality. Now the question is: Are all your business arrows pointing in one direction and on course to achieve your business goals?  How To Tell If Your Business […]

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Business Woman Playing Chess

When Business Changes How We Play the Game

Navigating the Changing Landscape of Business Business landscapes can transform almost overnight.Entrepreneurs are often tested with the task of adapting their infrastructure to swift alterations in consumer behavior.It’s remarkable how swiftly external factors can influence marketing and consumer relations.In observing the reactions of business owners during various challenges, I’ve noticed many often respond from a […]

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Is Your Perfect Integrator Hiding from You? Brenda Violette, Violette Business Services

Discovering Your Perfect Integrator™: Unveiling the Hidden Gem Within Your Team

As amazing as visionary entrepreneurs are, they still need the perfect counterpart to manifest their vision. This counterpart, often referred to as the Integrator™, can sometimes be lurking within your existing team, just waiting for recognition. So how do you identify them?In their book Rocket Fuel, Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters discuss a few […]

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How Do You Know You’re Ready for an Integrator?

Are you a Visionary business owner who feels stretched thin and knows something needs to change? Are you struggling with the idea of letting go of the day-to-day decision making and management of your organization? If this sounds like you, you may be ready for an Integrator™.An Integrator™ is a second-in-command, often carries the title of COO […]

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Are You Focused on the BIG Picture in Your Business?

Embracing the Big Picture for Business Success

Are you dedicating focused time to make crucial decisions that will drive the growth of your company each day? Probably not. The majority of entrepreneurial business owners find themselves neck-deep in the details of the day to day way too often.Are you fully committed to implementing strategies and taking actions that will propel your organization forward […]

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What is an Integrator? Do I Need One?

What Is an Integrator™ and How Do You Know You Need One?

Visionary entrepreneurs of the world, have you ever wondered what an Integrator™ could bring to your purpose-driven business or how to know when you’re ready for one?First, let’s understand the term. In their book, Rocket Fuel: The One Essential Combination That Will Get You More of What You Want from Your Business, Gino Wickman and […]

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Make a Bold Decision to Hire an Integrator

Make the Boldest Decision You Possibly Can To Grow Your Business by Hiring an Integrator

If you’re a successful seven-figure woman entrepreneur who feels frustrated, stuck, burned out, or ready to scream, I’d like you to take a moment and daydream with me about your life after hiring an Integrator. First, imagine getting up in the morning whenever you decide. You have a leisurely breakfast, an invigorating workout, a blissful shower, […]

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Navigating Business Transitions: What To Do When External Factors Change How The Game is Played In Your Business

Navigating Business Transitions: What To Do When External Factors Change How The Game is Played In Your Business

Business, much like life, is ever-evolving. At the drop of a hat, external factors can alter the course of our business, demanding adaptability and resilience. While factors like technological advancements, economic fluctuations, pandemics, or cultural shifts can sway the landscape, the essential toolkit for navigating these changes remains rooted in visionary entrepreneurship.External catalysts often redraw […]

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