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The EOS® 2-Day Annual Planning Meeting: Looking Ahead To The New Year

Ah, the promise of a new year! As a seasoned Fractional Integrator™, I’ve come to relish the pivotal transition from one year to the next. Altogether, it’s a period bursting with potential, renewed energy, and a horizon filled with possibilities. And yet, without a strategic compass to guide us, it’s all too easy for this […]

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10 Unique Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Fractional Integrator™

Visionaries, I get it. Your mind is a buzzing hive of ideas, innovations, and aspirations. You see the potential, the grand designs, and the future. But the intricacies of day-to-day operations and processes? Those might not be your forte. Enter the experienced Fractional Integrator™.As a seasoned Fractional Integrator™ myself, I bridge the gap between your […]

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Making the Most of Your State of the Company Meeting: Keeping Everyone Informed and Excited

I’ve always held a special affinity for the State of the Company meetings. Why? Because they embody a beautiful amalgamation of vision, communication, and, believe it or not, fun. As a seasoned Fractional Integrator™, I’ve had the privilege of guiding numerous business owners through this transformative process. Particularly for companies freshly embarking on their EOS® […]

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Harnessing the 4th Quarter Energy: Boost Team Health

The end of the year is drawing near, and if you’re anything like me, you know the 4th quarter isn’t just another three months. It’s crunch time. It’s that last sprint in a marathon where teams might feel worn out yet also fueled by a mix of anticipation and adrenaline. And it’s also a time […]

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5 Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Ask Themselves (But Few Rarely Do)

5 Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Ask ThemselvesAs an entrepreneur, you’re constantly bombarded with questions. Questions about your business, your customers, your competition, and more. But there are five questions every entrepreneur should ask themselves regularly, but few rarely do. These questions are essential for staying on track, making sound decisions, and ultimately achieving your goals.In […]

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Are You Ready to Increase Profit and Get Your Life Back? | Brenda Violette | Virtual COO | Online Business Manager

Are You Ready to Increase Profit and Get Your Life Back?

Imagine the excitement and vigor you felt on day one of your entrepreneurial journey. You started with a clear vision of scaling your business, making an impact, and leading a balanced life. But as your business grew, did you find yourself buried under a mountain of tasks instead of feeling more liberated? Welcome to the […]

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Ego's Dark Side Crashing Business Success | Violette Business Services

Stop Your Ego’s Dark Side from Crashing Your Business Growth

Starting a business is like embarking on a journey into the unknown armed with nothing but a vision. As a visionary entrepreneur, you have taken this challenge head-on and nurtured your idea into a flourishing business. Achieving this milestone is no small feat, and it speaks volumes about your determination, passion, and commitment. So, it’s […]

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What Should Your Ideal Day Look Like as a Visionary?

If you’re a Visionary feeling frustrated, stuck, burned out, or even ready to scream, you might be wondering exactly what went wrong. After all, this isn’t how you imagined your life would look when you first dreamed up your business. But what should your ideal day look like as a Visionary? Let’s look as we […]

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Are You Leading Your Team Toward Your Vision or Micromanaging Them?

Visionaries are the driving force behind most successful enterprises. They’re the dreamers, the ones with the grand ideas, the ones who see the forest and not just the trees. However, it’s not uncommon for visionaries to get caught up in the details, overshadowing their grand vision with the daily grind. The million-dollar question then becomes: […]

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testimonial from Dr Elizabeth Boggier, MountainView Veterinary Hospital

When Leadership Resonates: A Heartfelt Testimonial that Reminded Me of My “Why”

As a dedicated Fractional Integrator™, I’ve always believed in the transformative power of effective leadership when combined with the power of the EOS® system, especially when it comes to breathing life back into businesses on the brink. But every once in a while, a story from a client touches my heart in ways I could […]

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