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Are You Delegating Like A CEO?

Are You Delegating Like A CEO?

Are you delegating like a CEO? 

Are you the Visionary and CEO of a multiple 6-7 figure business? 

Remaining buried in the day-to-day operations and marketing management of your business will keep you stuck, not growing, and exhausted!

Last week we looked at the 4 Primary Reasons to Delegate.   This week we'll look at the various types of high-level tasks that only you can do to grow your business.  You will also get clarity around what you can delegate to an Online Business Manager to free you up so that have the time and energy to focus on those high-level tasks that will accelerate the growth of your business.

An Online Business Manager will manage and ensure that all projects and tasks are broken down into manageable chucks, assigned to appropriate team members, communicate standards for completion, provide oversight and support to team members to completion and serve as your quality control officer.

At this level in your business, you most likely already have a team that is performing the hundreds of daily tasks that it takes to run a business this size. 

If you’re still managing the daily distribution of tasks and not focusing on what you need to grow the business, you're most likely feeling stuck, exhausted, and not operating in highest good for your business or you personally.

It's time to be the leader of your business, not the manager!

The chart below shares with you some examples of tasks for the CEO and the manager.

As the Visionary and CEO, the type of tasks you SHOULD focus on are:

  • Innovating (coming up with new strategies and ideas for business growth)
  • Growing the busines through performing very high-level leverage tasks
  • Delivering your programs
  • Working with your clients
  • Creating new products (not the actual work of developing the product for market - your Online Business Manager will deliver production and implementation of your new products)
  • Discovering new marketing opportuntities
  • Building and nurturing business relationships that turn into sponsorship or joint venture partners
  • Writing marketing and sales content
  • Generating new sources of traffic
  • Leading and nurturing your leadership team
  • Making strategic business decisions that impact the growth and increase of revenue to the business
  • Writing a book
  • Recording your videos
  • Recording podcasts
  • Speaking
  • Doing interviews

As the Visionary and CEO, the type of tasks you SHOULD NOT focus on are:

  • Managing your team
  • Directing customer service
  • Setting up and managing websites and related web pages, opt in forms, and thank you pages
  • Implementing and managing marketing and email campaigns
  • Resolving technical and operational issues
  • Breaking down projects into tasks, assigning them team, and following up
  • Creating operational systems and automation 
  • Writing standard operating procedures
  • Researching new automation tools
  • Creating and managing sales pages (you write the starter content, of course)
  • Managing product launces, devellopment, and delivery to customers
  • List management and automation
  • Managing the delivery of your newsletter (ezine) and promotions
  • Setting up social media activities
  • Managing marketing implementation
  • Tracking financial numbers and collecting metrics from sales, launches, and campaigns.

There are literally hundreds of tasks that you can delegate to an Online Business Manager that will begin to accelerate the growth of your business.  Get instant access to my leaders guide, Accelerate Your Business Growth with an Online Business Manager.

Have you hired your Online Business Manager yet?

When you're freed up from the day-to-day management of tasks, projects, team, operational and technical challenges that need in the moment decisions and solutions a transformation begins to happen. 

The business becomes more focused and easier to manage.  It becomes more profitable and sustainable.  You spend your days focused on working with your clients, creating strategy for growth, making leadership decisions, growing as a CEO leader, and getting away from your desk at a reasonable hour.

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I would love to hear your feedback on this article.  Leave a comment below to let me know if these examples helped you. 

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Brenda Violette is Founder and CEO of Violette Business Services, LLC, a business management company that partners with high level successful women business owners to grow their online business. Brenda helps her 6-7 figure clients step out of the daily grind of managing their business so that they can have the focus to create new revenue and enjoy more freedom in their business and lives. Her clients would tell you that her super power is helping them to grow a business they can love again! To learn more visit, www.BrendaViolette.com

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