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Are You Winging It in Your Business?

Are You Winging It in Your Business?

Are you "winging it" in the daily running of your business?

Do you avoid business planning because you don’t think you have time? 

Are you reaching some of your goals, but not all?  ​

Are You Winging It in Your Business?

​Is your business constantly running in a state of chaos and the daily putting out of fires is exhausting – burning out you and your team?

Some days you feel like you’re losing control.

Can you relate?  

If you’re serious about growing and scaling your business to higher levels, you’ll need to stop “winging it” and wasting precious business growing time.

The days of “winging it” will need to be replaced with a step-by-step plan to pull your company forward.    

Yes, I said plan. 

Don’t reject my statement yet.

Why Entrepreneurs Are Instinctively Inclined to “Wing It” in Operating Their Business.

I’ve been helping women business owners grow and scale their online companies since 2008. 

And, in all these years of working with visionary CEO’s and business owners, I’ve found that most don’t like feeling trapped by a plan.   It feels too constrictive.

Visionary business owners are wired to be the entrepreneurial “spark plug” for the business. 

They’re the innovator and developer of new and big ideas.  They’re the company’s vision creator and champion. 

It’s excruciating for a visionary CEO to be buried in the day-to-day minutia of running a business. 

They think structured plans are boring, time-consuming and hard.  

They typically resist following standardized processes.  And, despise sweating the details.  

Does this sound familiar? 

Symptoms You Maybe “Winging It” in Your Business

I’ve identified a few signs along the way that indicate the visionary business owner is “winging it” in trying to grow the business - feeling stuck and overwhelmed in the process.

  • The business owner doesn’t know where the company stands in regard to its numbers.  When a business owner doesn’t have measurable numbers they look at every day in their organization, they’re “winging it.” When asked they use phrases such as roughly, around and I think we’re at…
  • There are little or no protocols, systems, and automation implemented into the business infrastructure.  As the company grows eventually protocols, systems, and automation replaces much of the disorder of running the business, such as customer & client delivery, team training, etc. The business owners' time is shrinking while the business grows. In order to scale their company to higher levels, these important elements build the foundation for the organization to grow larger and not break with its expansion.
  • The business owner is constantly putting out fires. A CEO who is not ready to turn loose and delegate management responsibilities to someone else will find the business in a constant state of turmoil and drained with the perpetual putting out of fires.  She “wings it” each day hoping that the urgencies are just temporary.  They’re not.
  • A “money mindset” issue exists.  The business owner is fearful about her finances.  This overriding attitude drives how she makes key financial decisions every day.  And, it has a huge impact on her ability to accomplish goals.  As the business expands, it is essential to invest in people and systems that will support the growth and enlargement of the business.

The above signs and there are many others, indicate a change that must happen in the life of the company to grow and scale into the future. 

If you’re serious about building wealth, freedom and ongoing success, you must look at how you’re “winging it” to just get the business through one more day. 

Are you clear on what you want for your business? ​​​​​

Perhaps the “winging it” model works for you. 

You thrive on the chaos and being in charge of everything thing that happens in the business.  

Just know… there is a limit on how much the business can grow under those circumstances.


​If you’re just “winging it” because you don’t know how you can grow and scale without giving up some of who you are, it’s time to discuss with a coach or mentor how to move forward.   

One thing your coach or mentor will tell you is that if you’re serious about growing a business that will give you wealth, freedom and purpose you won’t be able to do it alone.​

You’ll need to grow your leadership skills and learn to make the decisions and take the actions that will steadily move you daily toward your big goals. 

Are You Ready to Stop “Winging It” And Start “Growing?

​You're being called to your future through your business.

Don't let anything stop you from accomplishing your goals.

No matter what phase in the business cycle your company is in right now you need the right support for each phase.   

This support is available to you through…

  • ​Coaching or Mentoring
  • ​Mastermind Groups
  • ​Team members to execute tasks and projects
  • A Second-in-Command who will liberate you from the day-to-day operations and team management of your business.

These resources smooth the way for you to be the CEO leader of the business, taking it into the future unhindered in your focus.

Action Steps:

Rate yourself from 1-10 in each one of the points and ask yourself.

  • ​Why have I been doing it this way?
  • ​What can I do to improve?
  • ​What plan can I implement that keeps me on top of my business?   

Share your results with me by commenting below

Are you ready to explore the role of the Second-in-Command for your business?  

This role liberates you from day-to-day operations and team management giving you the time and freedom you need to stop “winging it” and start focusing on tasks that ONLY you can do as the Visionary Leader to grow and scale past 6 figures to 7 and beyond! 

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About the Author Brenda Violette, Professional Fractional Integrator for Companies Running on EOS®

Brenda Violette founded Violette Business Services, LLC, a Connecticut-based virtual business management and consulting company. Her company is a solo EOS Integrator™ practice. She partners exclusively with companies running on the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) and works with an EOS Implementer™ (or has graduated!). Since 2008 she has been working with Visionary entrepreneurs to help them get unstuck at operational and organizational levels and get the most out of their businesses. As an entrepreneurial business owner herself, Brenda understands the Visionary mindset, their needs, and challenges. Her ability to adapt and keep the organization moving forward is a well-honed gift she brings to any entrepreneurial-led company. Brenda is a relentless learner and fiercely dedicated to growing her leadership and management skills by reading, training, and participating in organizations. She is a well-known and valued member of several EOS-based Visionary/Integrator communities, including a Rocket Fuel Mastery Program graduate, FIM, and an Advanced Integrator™ Mastery Forum Member in Rocket Fuel. Brenda is passionate about living her best EOS life and helping her clients to live theirs too! To learn more about how a Fractional Integrator™ can help you create big growth and sustainability visit

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