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Are You Focused on the BIG Picture in Your Business?

Are You Focused On the BIG Picture in Your Business?

​Are you spending ​focused time ​on ​priorities and ​decisions to grow your company today? ​​​Are you focused and committed to strategies and ​actions that ​will grow and scale your ​organization into the future? 

​First of all, it's ​so easy for business owners to become so buried in the day-to-day micro details of running ​​a ​business that...

​You lose sight of the big picture. ​

In other words, ​you want to spend focused time on the macro-management of the business.

​And, you'll notice ​I didn’t say micromanagement.

Macro management means managing the big issues, but not the small ones.

​In other words, often business owners become so caught up in the daily details of running the business they assume the ​role of ​a micromanager. 

Consequently, when their time is not focused on the big questions surrounding our vision, mission and value the company will ​stall out.  

Lack of focus on big picture strategies will leave the company with ​a weak ​infrastructure in place for the business to progress forward.

​​Above all, when you're spending time and focused energy on macro managing, you're able to be clear, decisive and disciplined on a big picture level.

​Subsequently, you're able to spend time focused on ​answering big picture strategic questions.

​Are You Focused on Big Picture Questions?

  • ​Why does my business exist and what are its purpose and vision?
  • ​What does my company ​deliver (and does not ​deliver) to its clients and customers?
  • ​How will my business carry its promises to life?
  • ​What value does my company produce for the world, it’s stakeholders, customers, and team?
Business Woman Questions

​Lack of Time is No Excuse

Most business owners will be quick to tell you they're swamped every day in running their company with no time left to take on anything else.

Therefore, too many times these big-picture questions are ignored and or dismissed as “not urgent."

Women checking time

Most business owners will be quick to tell you they're swamped every day in running their company with no time left to take on anything else.

Therefore, too many times these big-picture questions are ignored and or dismissed as “not urgent."

In short, the leader is focused on aspects of the business that should be delegated to a competent second-in-command.    

In fact, attention by the business owner on these micro-tasks eat up time and energy the leader needs to be focused on big picture activities that will grow and scale the company forward.

Unfortunately, many business owners struggle to let go of the reins and empower others to create change.

Leadership needs to be focused on the big picture before anything else.

A Focused and Unbelievable Future

Just imagine…

Your business is positioned perfectly in the marketplace.

It’s growing in profit. 

Your branding is attracting more and more people to purchase your offers every day.

Your business is highly successful, and the future is bright.​


​Here’s the thing…

If you want your business to succeed, you must focus on the big picture.

You must intentionally carve out focused time dedicated to taking the micromanagement approach to business growth.

Your focused time and energy on the big picture will reap benefits for years to come.

I’m Brenda Violette, Founder, and CEO of Violette Business Services, LLC, an online business and operations management company helping visionary women CEOs and business owners grow past 6 figures to 7 and beyond! 

Leave me a comment below.  Let me know if this post resonated with you and what focused steps you plan to take today to grow beyond what you can imagine today.


About the Author Brenda Violette, Professional Fractional Integrator for Companies Running on EOS®

Brenda Violette founded Violette Business Services, LLC, a Connecticut-based virtual business management and consulting company. Her company is a solo EOS Integrator™ practice. She partners exclusively with companies running on the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) and works with an EOS Implementer™ (or has graduated!). Since 2008 she has been working with Visionary entrepreneurs to help them get unstuck at operational and organizational levels and get the most out of their businesses. As an entrepreneurial business owner herself, Brenda understands the Visionary mindset, their needs, and challenges. Her ability to adapt and keep the organization moving forward is a well-honed gift she brings to any entrepreneurial-led company. Brenda is a relentless learner and fiercely dedicated to growing her leadership and management skills by reading, training, and participating in organizations. She is a well-known and valued member of several EOS-based Visionary/Integrator communities, including a Rocket Fuel Mastery Program graduate, FIM, and an Advanced Integrator™ Mastery Forum Member in Rocket Fuel. Brenda is passionate about living her best EOS life and helping her clients to live theirs too! To learn more about how a Fractional Integrator™ can help you create big growth and sustainability visit

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