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embrace your inner visionary

Are You Embracing Your Inner Visionary?

Are you embracing your inner visionary?  Every business needs a Visionary. It needs one person who can see what’s possible, create the plan, and provide the passionate leadership to get there.

Your business needs you to be that Visionary Leader… but you already know that.

You know your genius lies in developing new and better ways to serve your clients.

Your ideas and passion grew your company to over 6 figures, and you know you can keep growing and changing the world—all you need is time to strategize and plan.

Do you have that time, or are you still trying to do everything yourself?

How Well Are you Embracing Your Inner Visionary?

In his bestselling book, The Synergist, Les McKeown states that the Visionary’s core contribution to the organization, group, or team is, of course, at the root of the word itself – VISION. 

When you embrace your inner visionary...

You'll have a fuller ability to see what isn’t there yet and to motivate others to help translate that vision into reality, which is the foundation of any enterprise.

Visionaries are the creators of almost everything.

That’s you.

That’s your genius, and you need to be free to use it.

You’re a remarkable visionary, and it’s time to embrace that and run with it.

Your Inner Visionary is exactly what your business needs

Up to now, you’ve had to wear two hats; the manager’s beret and the creator’s cap to grow your company to its current success.  

And now you're faced with a new challenge.  

You can't do it all anymore. 

Before you can grow and scale your company to new levels there needs to be a new focus of your time and energy.

You'll want to fully embrace the role of the Visionary leader of your company.    

In other words...

You must focus on leading your company's by operating daily in your strengths to keep the business moving forward - without the headaches that come with day-to-day management.

You’re a lifelong learner, and business inspiration comes easily to you.

Almost daily you have ideas for...

  • New products and services and ways to deliver them.
  • Discovering new markets and better serving current markets.
  • Strategies to grow the company and lead it forward.

Your passion is the fuel that keeps the company growing, and your enthusiasm inspires others and creates strong relationships.

Those are your strengths, and you must have the time and energy to leverage them.

Your challenges can help grow your business

Being a Visionary Leader isn’t without its challenges.

Do any of the follow challenges resonate with you?

  • You have so many ideas that sometimes it’s hard to keep your focus. You want to implement all the ideas NOW and get them rolling.
  • You don’t like messing with details, and sometimes your follow-through isn’t the best.
  • You may not be as organized as others are, and you don’t like managing people or holding them accountable.
  • The small-picture stuff bores you, and you see the forest, not the trees.

As Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters noted in their book, Rocket Fuel: The One Essential Combination that Will Get You More of What You Want from Your Business, “Clearly articulating the details of your vision to others can be quite a challenge.

And having to repeat it often wears you out.”

These challenges are not faults

They’re part of your gifts as well, but they also make wearing the manager’s hat difficult and stressful for you and your team.

If you have to manage people and details for too long, you’ll burn out.

It’s not what you enjoy, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

You’re the Visionary, and this isn’t the best use of your time or energy.

Maybe you’ve wondered why you can come up with 10 product ideas in an hour but can’t focus on creating your SOP manual.

Or why you can create extraordinary relationships with clients and vendors but have a difficult time managing your staff.

It’s because that day-to-day minutia is not your strength.

Again, that’s okay.

Your challenges are your flashing neon sign that you can’t do it all alone and that you need help.

Embrace Your Inner Visionary By Letting Someone Else Manage Daily Nuts and Bolts of Running a Business

Managing the day-to-day is someone else’s strength, and you need to find someone who can run your business systems and leave you free to be the Visionary leader your business needs.

Embracing your inner Visionary means that you have time to dedicate to your strengths, and you let someone else handle the tasks that drain your energy.

You’ll feel less stressed and more alive when you work on your business, not in it.

How Well Are You Embracing Your Inner Visionary?

How well are you embracing your inner visionary?  

Is business growth stalled out while you're stuck in an almost constant state of overwork, overwhelm and stress in your business.

Begin Embracing Your Inner Visionary Today!

My specialty is working with multiple 6 & 7 figure women business owners who are serious about embracing their inner visionary strengths to propel their business to higher levels of profit, reach, impact and freedom.  

These women business owners are serious about building wealth, freedom and ongoing success.  They know they can’t continue wearing both hats and accomplish their big goals alone.  

They've learned that they must embrace their inner visionary and let go of tasks that are not getting them closer to their big goals.  

In the role of Virtual COO, a second-in-command role, I partner with women business owners to release them from the daily managing the nuts and bolts of running a business.  

Most importantly, my business and operations management strengths are your challenges.

My clients are freed from crucial management areas such as day-to-day operations, projects, launches, marketing and their teams.  

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Here's what one of my clients has to say about working with me...

Bringing Brenda on as my company's COO has been one of the best decisions I've made!

I've been the bottleneck in my company and Brenda has been able to "pop-the-cork" by taking the day-to-day operations of running my business off my plate. 

I now have the brain space to do what I do best - create content and serve my clients.  I highly recommend Brenda as a Virtual COO.

Dr. Renee Thompson

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About the Author Brenda Violette, Professional Fractional Integrator for Companies Running on EOS®

Brenda Violette founded Violette Business Services, LLC, a Connecticut-based virtual business management and consulting company. Her company is a solo EOS Integrator™ practice. She partners exclusively with companies running on the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) and works with an EOS Implementer™ (or has graduated!). Since 2008 she has been working with Visionary entrepreneurs to help them get unstuck at operational and organizational levels and get the most out of their businesses. As an entrepreneurial business owner herself, Brenda understands the Visionary mindset, their needs, and challenges. Her ability to adapt and keep the organization moving forward is a well-honed gift she brings to any entrepreneurial-led company. Brenda is a relentless learner and fiercely dedicated to growing her leadership and management skills by reading, training, and participating in organizations. She is a well-known and valued member of several EOS-based Visionary/Integrator communities, including a Rocket Fuel Mastery Program graduate, FIM, and an Advanced Integrator™ Mastery Forum Member in Rocket Fuel. Brenda is passionate about living her best EOS life and helping her clients to live theirs too! To learn more about how a Fractional Integrator™ can help you create big growth and sustainability visit

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