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I partner with the most amazing women sitting in the Visionary CEO seat of their organization.

Together...we make VISION become a REALITY!  

Fractional Integrator for Women-Owned Online Companies Running on EOS®
Professional EOS Integrator
Kolbe Certified™ Consultant
Founder & CEO of Violette Business Services, LLC
Connecticut, USA

Kolbe Certified™ Consultant  - Brenda Violette

My name is Brenda Violette.  I'm the founder and CEO of Violette Business Services, LLC, a business and operations management company serving visionary women entrepreneurs running purpose-driven, service-based online companies.  

I'm passionate about helping women grow and scale their small businesses past 7 figures giving them back freedom and life-work style balance while growing a profitable, smooth running a sustainable company. 

I help women grow and scale their online service-based company to accomplish increased profit, reach, sustainability and freedom.

Operating in the role of Fractional Integrator, I work closely with the female CEO of the company who sits in the Visionary seat of the organization. In the role of Integrator, I bring together all three major functions of the organization, Sales & Marketing, Operations, and Finance together and ensures all resources are aligned and rowing together toward the company’s vision, mission, and goals

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When my clients first connect with me the day-to-day responsibilities of running a business are sucking the life out of them.

These amazing entrepreneurial women pulled their business through start-up and early growth. Now, their business has a life of its own!

The business is generating 7 figures, hitting its target market's issues with its products and services, but running the organization has become just too hard.

The company feels overwhelming, frustrating, time-consuming, and stressful to keep up with every day.

Most feel frustrated and become paralyzed to know how to move forward. They're are sitting on a treasure chest of opportunities to generate more profit and reach more people, but find themselves stuck in the daily minutiae of running a business, not focused on growth and the genius work they want to share with their clients.

They've hit a ceiling in business growth; are exhausted and overwhelmed!

Visionary women business leaders seek out my support once they hit that point in all successful growing businesses where they come to understand that to build wealth, freedom, and ongoing success they must learn to delegate. Get results through others and let go of tasks that are below their pay grade.

They know they can't continue in the "doing" mode and expect to have the success and freedom they want from their business.

At the time my clients initially seek out my services, they already have a team who execute tasks and projects.

But, balls keep getting dropped.

On top of that, the Visionary  feels that she and her team are on different pages. She constantly has to explain her vision - which is exhausting!

Daily running of the business operations, team, projects, and marketing implementation needs to be managed. But, not by the CEO leader - the face of the company.

Is this you?

It's time for you to step out of the day-to-day of running the nuts and bolts of a growing company and focus on growing and leading your company into the future.

It all starts with getting the right people in the right seats.

Let's jump on a complimentary 30-min discovery call to assess where you are now and how we can pull you over to the other side of overwhelm exhaustion and loss of traction to growth.

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My Story

I created Violette Business Services, LLC, an online business and operations management company, after leaving a corporate role for a major health care company in 2008.

My retirement from working as an employee for brick and mortar companies opened the door for a new opportunity for me to build an online business that serves entrepreneurial women who are changing the world.  

It is with great joy and a deep appreciation for the blessings bestowed upon me that I’m able to have a business and lifestyle where I’m able to utilize my skills, gifts, and experience in administrative, business and operations management to help other women grow and scale an online service-based business that is profitable, sustainable and gives them the freedom and autonomy that drove them to start their own business.    

As an employee for nearly 30 years working in industries including Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Investment Management and Corporate Healthcare, I performed in various support and management roles in small to medium-sized businesses and then the last 10 years in the corporate space.

Brenda Violette Story

Now I’m a solopreneur.  Who knew!

Since 2008 I partner with other women CEOs and business owners who are changing the world through their purpose-driven online companies.

My clients are Visionary entrepreneurial women running purpose-based, service online companies.  They typically serve industries such as Healthcare, Small Business, Personal Development, Training and more.  Healthcare companies seem to be attracted by my offering of Fractional Integrator (COO) support.  I'm currently working with my 3rd Healthcare company.  

My services offerings are Fractional Integrator (Virtual COO) and Consulting.  

Book a call below to get all your questions answered on a complimentary 30-min discovery call.  Together we will determine the level of service required to kick the business to higher levels of traction and success. 

Side Note: If you haven’t read the book, Rocket Fuel: The One Essential Combination That Will Get You More of What You Want from Your Business by Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters;  I highly recommend you order and read it today.  

If you're serious about growing your business...

In this book,  you’ll learn the importance of understanding the roles of the VISIONARY and INTEGRATOR in the business.

Visionaries have groundbreaking ideas. An Integrator makes those ideas a reality. This explosive combination is the key to getting everything you want out of your business. It worked for Disney. It worked for McDonald’s. It worked for Ford. It can work for you.

Disclaimer:  I do not receive compensation for promoting this book.  I'm simply sharing this resource with you because I care about you and your entrepreneurial growth journey.

To learn more about how Violette Business Services can help you grow and scale your business feel free to browse through my website, connect on  LinkedIn.

On a More Personal Note...

I'm big on privacy for me and my family online so you won't see much "personal stuff" in terms of social media posts or website content.  I know this goes against everything we've all learned about building the KLT (know, like, trust) factor with potential clients.  

I grew up in the south, Oklahoma.  Traveled around a bit, including living in Germany for four years.

After leaving business school, I started my business career at a large Oil & Gas company in Oklahoma City.  I left the Oil& Gas Industry in Oklahoma and moved my family to Connecticut in 1989 to take on my first management role with a manufacturing company in Hartford, Connecticut.

We've lived in New England ever since!  

I've been blessed in my career to build my business and operations skills from many different roles and for industries such as Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Investment Management and Corporate Healthcare.  

Now, I work with visionary entrepreneurial CEO women who run online service-based businesses.

How lucky am I?

I'm married and we have a son and the most adorable grandson (I know all grandparents say that!)

In my free time, I enjoy reading, good movies, spending time with family and friends and serving in our church and community.

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