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Hi, I'm Brenda Violette, Founder and CEO of Violette Business Services, a business management company that partners with entrepreneurial woman who have built a multiple 6-7 figure business and are still stuck in all the "DOING" in the daily operations and marketing management of their business.

Working on their own, they've reached a plateau and are unable to grow to higher levels of revenue, stability, and lifestyle balance in their business. They're at the point where day-to-day responsibilities are sucking the life out them, leaving no space for creative energy and time to focus on how to grow the business.

This is the perfect juncture for these overwhelmed business owners to step out of daily operations and marketing management and focus on leading and growing their business as CEO.

I like to think of myself as a curator – a curator of space – my clients' space. My clients experience new freedom as I step in and begin managing, leading and transforming their business into a stronger, more profitable and sustainable business – a legacy business.

My Elevator Speech

I’m an online business manager and I help 6-7 figure women entrepreneurs and business owners get out of the daily grind of managing their business so that they can create more revenue and enjoy more freedom in their business and lives.

…my clients would tell you that my super power is helping them to grow a business they can love again!

My Mission

My mission is to help women entrepreneurs and business owners realize their dream of owning a business that supports their dream of freedom in terms of time, money, relationship, and purpose. 

I serve women by supporting them through one of the most challenging parts of being a woman business owner; successfully getting out of the day-to-day management of their business so that they can focus on growing their business from Visionary CEO leadership role.

I help women entrepreneurs grow a successful business and have a life too!

My Biography

My passion and consummate management skills spring from over 30 years of working with highly successful offline companies and high-level managers in executive administrative and business management roles.  In 2008 I transferred this deep knowledge to support successful online businesses.

In 2008, I lost my corporate “JOB” following a corporate reorganization and haven't looked back. Like many people during this time in history, I began to evaluate what was truly important to me in my personal life and business career.

I never pined to be an entrepreneur, but was definitely feeling the pain of hitting that ceiling in what I was able to learn and accomplish inside of a corporate company structure.

The very fact that I was so successful up to that point came from a gnawing inner drive to learn more and accomplish more. I truly understand the internal challenges of being a woman and feeling stuck and hitting the ceiling in my business goals.

Since 2008, I applied that same drive to learn and accomplish by furiously reading everything about entrepreneurship and building online business models, investing thousands of dollars in training programs as well as coaching and mentoring.

I created a business online that serves my favorite clients: entrepreneurial, purposeful women who are changing the world through their unique and exciting offerings.

I developed a premium online business management package which provides deep transformation and amazing results for select clients who are already in the multiple 6-7 figures and are ready to leverage their knowledge and skills to grow but are challenged by doing it all alone. They are still stuck in the "DOING" management part of their business.

It’s time for these brilliant visionaries to move out of managing their business! It’s time for them to fully step into their CEO role and lead the business to the next level.

My direct service offering provides high-level management services that include strategic planning, day-to-day operations management, team development and management, project management, product development and delivery services, marketing implementation, and financial and metrics assessment and reporting.

On A Personal Note...

I grew up in Oklahoma and moved my family to Connecticut 28 years ago to pursue a management role for a manufacturing company in Hartford, Connecticut.   We've lived in Connecticut ever since!  

I am married, we have a son and the most adorable grandson (I know all grandparents say that!). 

In my free time, I enjoy reading, good movies, spending time with family and friends and serving in our church.

Interview with Brenda

How long have you been an Online Business Manager and how did you become an expert in online business management?

Who are your clients?

What makes you different from other Online Business Manager?

What would you say is your super power?

Have you taken the Kolbe A Index? 

Have you made mistakes as a business owner and in serving your clients?

What kind of personality do you work best with?

What kind of personality or client do you NOT work well with?

How do you work?  What can I expect if we work together?

What are the core values that guide your work and relationship with clients?

Does this really work?

What results can I expect?

My Contact Information

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Success Stories

My high-level clients sometimes ask that I do not post their testimonials on public web pages for various privacy reasons.

Although, I do have their permission and will be very happy to share their excellent testimonials

during a serious discovery process.

The following are statements from some of those testimonials along with others that I am able to share with you.