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Journey to Helping the Visionary CEO

From Corporate Healthcare to Fractional Integrator: My Journey to Help the Visionary CEO

In 2008 during a economic recession and losing employment with a major healthcare company, Violette Business Services, LLC, (“VBS”) an online business and operations management company was born. Yes, I was one of the 6.96 million new small businesses, according to the Business Journals, that started in response to the many layoffs during that recession.   A […]

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Use Your Team’s Kolbe A™ Results to Give Your Business an Extraordinary Advantage

The game of business is changing, and companies that can’t keep up will likely be left behind. As individuals, it’s even more critical we know who we are and what we can depend on in ourselves. In addition, we need to tap into our natural instincts to overcome challenges we face as individuals and companies. […]

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How Do You Know You’re Ready for an Integrator?

When you think about whether you’re ready for an Integrator™ do you ever feel like you’re of two minds? On one hand, you know you’re stretching yourself thin and something needs to change. You can’t keep doing what you’re doing. You can’t keep juggling all the balls, making all the decisions, or having everything flow through […]

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Make a Bold Decision to Hire an Integrator

Make the Boldest Decision You Possibly Can To Grow Your Business by Hiring an Integrator

If you’re a successful seven-figure woman entrepreneur who feels frustrated, stuck, burned out, or ready to scream, I’d like you to take a moment and daydream with me about your life after hiring an Integrator. First, imagine getting up in the morning whenever you decide. You have a leisurely breakfast, an invigorating workout, a blissful shower, […]

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Are You Ready to Increase Profit and Get Your Life Back? | Brenda Violette | Virtual COO | Online Business Manager

Are You Ready to Increase Profit and Get Your Life Back?

I’m not sure if this is for you, but if you want to increase profit in your business… And,  If you have a proven business model that is generating a minimum of 7 figures a year… And, You’re SO ready to be FREED from business and operations management tasks and activities that aren’t getting you closer to your growth […]

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One Reason Why It’s So Hard to Let Go

For many women business owners, it’s hard to let go and fully open their business to someone else to lead and manage. In other words, they’re reluctant to step back and let an Integrator fully see their businesses in their entirety. For each Visionary, the specific reason may be personal and different, but many times it […]

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Business Planning

What Are Quarterly Rocks in Business?

A few weeks ago, I facilitated my client’s company annual planning meeting. She and I had determined in advance what the top five company-level goals would be for 2021. During the meeting, our leadership team plotted their committed priorities (ROCKS) for the next 90 days. What are quarterly ROCKS, you ask?According to the Entrepreneurial Operating System […]

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Is 2021 Your Year to Finally Hire Your Fractional Integrator and Start EOS®?

We’re moving full speed toward 2021, and this is the time to start thinking about your company’s future. Is hiring a Fractional Integrator part of your plans?Before we move further, I’d like to explain what a Fractional Integrator is. As you would imagine, some companies hire an Integrator full time, or perhaps a partner or […]

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Does Everyone on Your Team Genuinely Get It, Want It, and Have the Capacity to Do It?

Your team is an integral part of your company’s success. In fact, you can’t run a successful company without them, but you need to be sure your team is ready, able, and willing to move forward and grow with you. Let’s see if they are! To begin, I have a few questions about your team. First, are your […]

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What is an Integrator? Do I Need One?

What Is an Integrator and How Do You Know You Need One?

Visionary women entrepreneurs of the world, what can an Integrator™ bring to your purpose-driven business, and how do you know when you’re ready?Before we continue, let’s look at what an Integrator™ is. In their book, Rocket Fuel: The One Essential Combination that Will Get You More of What You Want from Your Business, Gino Wickman […]

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