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Profit First | Brenda Violette | Virtual COO | Online Business Manager

Are You Taking Profit First?

Profitable. Debt-free. Thriving. These are the words every CEO and business owner dreams of using to describe their company.  Most small businesses will struggle for years, though, if they don’t know how to effectively manage their finances.​Enter Profit First​Mike Michalowicz, the best-selling author, and creator of Profit First take ideas from making healthy lifestyle changes and applies […]

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Can Your Virtual COO Also Be Your CFO? | Brenda Violette | Jillian Verdun

Can Your Virtual COO Also Be Your CFO?

​Today’s guest post is ​contributed by Jillian Verdun, Master Profit First strategist.  Jillian will share with you ​why your Virtual COO ​should not also be your CFO? If it takes a village to raise a child, then couldn’t the same be said for running a business? Absolutely! Just like raising a child, each person in a company’s […]

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