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Are All Your Business Arrows Pointing in One Direction?

Are All Your Business Arrows Pointing in One Direction?

Are all your business arrows pointing in one direction and cruising toward your target goals? When I say, “business arrows”, I mean are all your actions and team members moving in one direction toward your company’s vision, mission, and goals? Sometimes, it’s a challenge to figure this out, so let’s look at a few things. First, are […]

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What is an Integrator? Do I Need One?

What Is an Integrator and How Do You Know You Need One?

Visionary women entrepreneurs of the world, what can an Integrator™ bring to your purpose-driven business, and how do you know when you’re ready?Before we continue, let’s look at what an Integrator™ is. In their book, Rocket Fuel: The One Essential Combination that Will Get You More of What You Want from Your Business, Gino Wickman […]

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Delegate to Elevate!!

Delegate to Elevate Your Business!

What does it mean to Delegate to Elevate your business? Delegation is a “must-have” business strategy if you expect to grow and scale your company.   You cannot do it all alone, …and even if you could, why would you want to? You need people to carry the task load while you spend your time in the Visionary role […]

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5 Common Triggers in Business that Clarify the Need for an Online Business Manager

5 Common Triggers That Point to the Need to Hire a Second-in-Command

There are 5 ​triggers in a business ​where the ​founder and owner of a growing company ​​begin to realize it may be time to hire a second-in-command. The role of the second-in-command ​​​​assists and support the ​​CEO ​to grow and scale the business to new levels of ​profit, ​efficiency, and freedom in the business. Every business owner […]

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Woman CEO enjoying freedom

Are You Delegating Like a CEO?

Are you delegating like a CEO?   Do you have a handle on what should stay on your plate and what you can release to a competent team member?   Are you the stumbling block keeping your business from moving forward? This article will share with you how you can increase your business success by getting others to […]

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Don’t Think You Can Take a Vacation from Your Business? | Brenda Violette | Virtual COO

Don’t Think You Can Take a Vacation from Your Business?

Is this the year ​​that ​you ​unplug and take a ​vacation from your business?   For many entrepreneurs and ​business ​owners taking ​any time off ​​triggers ​separation anxiety. ​Fears begin to surface such as losing business ​or emergencies arising with no one​​ ​available to ​manage. ​According to a study published by Ondeck Capital, only 57% of small […]

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You Can't Do It All | Brenda Violette | Virtual COO | Online Business Manager

It’s Time to Admit You Can’t Do It All

You Can’t Do It All, And You Don’t Want To!When you started your business, you had to wear all the hats. You had to be the visionary and the ​integrator (manager). You knew it wasn’t your best fit, but you could do it until the business grew a little and you could afford to hire […]

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Play a Bigger Game in Your Business and Life

How to Play a Bigger Game in Your Business and Life

Would you like to play a bigger game in your business and life?If you’re like other women entrepreneurs and business owners, you do.You can step it up in your life and your business. You can have a successful business and a great life too, but it takes a change in the way you play the […]

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