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Are All Your Business Arrows Pointing in One Direction?

Are All Your Business Arrows Pointing in One Direction?

Are all your business arrows pointing in one direction and cruising toward your target goals? When I say, “business arrows”, I mean are all your actions and team members moving in one direction toward your company’s vision, mission, and goals? Sometimes, it’s a challenge to figure this out, so let’s look at a few things. First, are […]

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Is It Time to Hire a Virtual COO?

Are you ready to hire a Virtual COO to help you grow and expand your online company? You may be ready and not even realize it.

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Are You Working on the Right Things in Your Busienss?

Are You Working on the RIGHT Things in Your Business?

Are you working on the right things in your business? Tasks and actions ​that will ​create traction and growth in your company? ​Too many ​business owners ​remain buried daily in ​lower-level priorities and ​allow other people to dictate how they spend their working day. ​ ​ As the founder and CEO of your business, it’s your primary […]

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Working with a Virtual COO is Like Getting New Glasses

Working With a Virtual COO is Like Getting New Glasses

Many of us have had this odd experience when going to the eye doctor. Maybe you can relate. The eye doctor informed us we needed glasses (or bifocals!), our first thought was, “no way”.  We felt like we could see just fine, and we did. We didn’t have any flashing lights or obvious signs that something was wrong with […]

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Are You Stuck in the Day-to-Day Operations of Your Business?

Women CEOs and business owners, are you stuck in the day-to-day operations of your business?  Growth has stopped?  You’ve hit a wall?   You’re sitting on a treasure chest of opportunities to increase profit and reach in your company with no time, energy or resources to access. Today’s post is for you.   This post is for all […]

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Are You Delegating Like a CEO?

Are you delegating like a CEO?   Do you have a handle on what should stay on your plate and what you can release to a competent team member?   Are you the stumbling block keeping your business from moving forward? This article will share with you how you can increase your business success by getting others to […]

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Don’t Think You Can Take a Vacation from Your Business? | Brenda Violette | Virtual COO

Don’t Think You Can Take a Vacation from Your Business?

Is this the year ​​that ​you ​unplug and take a ​vacation from your business?   For many entrepreneurs and ​business ​owners taking ​any time off ​​triggers ​separation anxiety. ​Fears begin to surface such as losing business ​or emergencies arising with no one​​ ​available to ​manage. ​According to a study published by Ondeck Capital, only 57% of small […]

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