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Feeling adrift amidst an ocean of operational demands, losing sight of your strategic vision? I’m Brenda M. Violette, a skilled Fractional Integrator, here to provide guidance and steady support to Visionaries like you who have adopted the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®). Whether you're actively engaged with an Certified EOS Implementer™ or have already graduated, my expertise is custom-tailored to your needs.

Your business should be the vessel that carries your life's ambitions forward, not the current dragging you down.

With the experience and capabilities of a full-time Integrator, I fill in the gaps on a flexible, fractional basis. I also offer mentorship for new Integrators that you've brought on board or elevated from within your organization. My mission? To take the helm of operational tasks, freeing you to be the Visionary, so you can chart the course and navigate towards your strategic goals.

Together, we’ll set the rhythm, aligning every member of your crew toward your strategic goals and propelling your company to new and exciting places. Experience the power of growth and scaling and the assurance of a capable Integrator™ guiding the day-to-day operations so you can focus on your vision. 

"Once you recognize that the purpose of your life is not to serve your business, but that the primary purpose of your business is to serve your life, you can then go to work on your business, rather than in it."

~Michael Gerber, from the book - The E-Myth

Every true Visionary needs a great Integrator if they want the VISION for their company to be realized.


Loves Generating Big Ideas

Creates the Vision

Embodies the Culture of the Company

Closes Big Deals

Operates on Emotion


Makes the Best Ideas a Reality

Executes the Vision

Relentless obsession with values, alignment, focus, simplicity, and clarity.

Keeps the Trains Running on Time

Operates on Logic

What is an Integrator?  

An Integrator, often going by titles such as VP, CFO, COO, President, or Chief of Staff, is the strategic oar guiding an organization through the waves of complexity. Their mission? To bring harmony among the key functions of Sales & Marketing, Operations, and Finance, ensuring all team members row in sync towards the company's vision.

Brenda Violette, Fractional Integrator

A Fractional Integrator is the Answer to a Specific Need.

A Fractional Integrator offers the dedication and expertise of a full-time Integrator but within a flexible, part-time structure. Ideal for businesses in the crucial phase of seeking a permanent Integrator, a Fractional Integrator fills the leadership void, ensuring a consistent rhythm and pace during this transition.

How a Fractional Integrator helps:  

It's important to understand the difference between bringing in someone to personally get everything done versus bringing in a Fractional Integrator to lead, support, and drive accountability in your organization. 

As a Fractional Integrator I...

  • Oversee daily operations, including people, processes, and systems.
  • Seamlessly integrate the major functions of your company
  • Execute the business plan, charting the course.
  • Provide leadership, management, and accountability for your leadership team.
  • Swiftly resolve issues efficiently and cost-effectively to keep the team on course
  • Ensure projects are well-managed and make it across the finish line.
  • Steer the financial ship with accountability for P&L results.
  • Ensuring leadership and execution teams are harmoniously rowing together toward the company's vision, mission and goals.
  • Harness the Visionary's ideas - implementing the best ones.
  • Ensure adherence to the company's operating system. I work with clients who are on the Entrepreneurial Operating System.
  • Act as the cohesive "glue" that holds everything together.

Ready to experience the power of a Fractional Integrator in your organization? Let's connect and discuss how I can help drive your business forward.

Supporting Your New Integrator: Seamless On-boarding and Mentorship

Have you recently hired or promoted a new Integrator to join your team? Congratulations! As a Fractional Integrator and a mentor, I offer more than just my operational expertise—I can also help mentor and guide your new Integrator™ on their journey to success. I understand the challenges that come with onboarding a new Integrator™.  I'll ensure they receive comprehensive onboarding that aligns them with your vision and saves you valuable time as a Visionary.

Here's how I can support your New Integrator’s seamless onboarding and development:

  • Seamless Transition: During the onboarding process, I step in as your Fractional Integrator to fill in any gaps and provide leadership, support, and accountability. I ensure a smooth transition, minimizing disruption and maintaining the momentum your organization needs.
  • Comprehensive On-boarding: As part of my mentorship role, I ensure your new Integrator™ is equipped with the necessary EOS® tools and knowledge to effectively drive your business forward. This saves you time as a Visionary and ensures your new copilot is ready to excel from day one.
  • Ongoing Mentorship: Once the onboarding phase is complete, I will continue to provide valuable mentorship for your Integrator™. Through regular check-ins and goal-setting, we foster continuous growth and development. I share insights, knowledge, and support to empower your newly appointed Integrator™ in their role.

With the powerful combination of my Fractional Integrator services and expert mentorship, your new Integrator will thrive in their role, driving your organization to new heights. If you're ready to elevate your leadership transition and unlock the full potential of your team, let's connect. Book a call with me today to discuss how I can help you set your new Integrator™ up for long-term success.

How Do Fractional Integrator Services Work?

If your company is running on EOS, my Fractional Integrator services provide you with the same level of expertise and support as a full-time Integrator™, but on a fractional basis with fewer hours. This approach is ideal for companies that may not yet have the business model or financial resources to hire a full-time Integrator™.

In today's business landscape, fractional leadership is increasingly available to small companies seeking the experience and skill set of seasoned professionals to fill specific gaps in their organizations. As a Fractional Integrator, I bring my expertise to your business in the areas where you need it most until you're ready to hire full-time leadership roles.

Are you curious about how a Fractional Integrator could benefit your business?  Wondering what specific responsibilities and values they bring? Let's connect today to discuss your unique needs and explore the possibilities. I'm here to answer any questions you may have.

Imagine the transformation your business and life could experience a year from now with the right people in the right seats, driving your business forward. Let's embark on this journey together and unlock your organization's full potential.

Who Are My Clients? 

My clients are business owners sitting in the Visionary seat of their organization and running their company on EOS - the Entrepreneurial Operating System and working with an Certified EOS Implementer™

They've worked hard to get the company out of the start up phase and into a business model that generates consistent revenue and that perfectly meets the needs of their community and the market.  People want what they have to offer, plus more.  

The business issue now is they are pushing up against the ceiling in the ability to move the company forward on their own.  They hired others along the way to help them get their innovation ideas across the finish line, but hiring people means managing people.  The Visionary's Unique Genius® does not typically include managing the mountain of details of running the day-to-day of a multiple million dollar company.  And managing and holding people accountable, well for most Visionaries, that's simply not in the DNA of a Visionary Entrepreneur.  

My clients are ready to let GO to GROW their company to higher levels of revenue, service to their clients and freedom in the business to operate in the best seat in the organization for them, the Visionary seat.  

My best clients are those who have read the book, Rocket Fuel: The One Essential Combination That Will Get You More of What You Want From Your Business by Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters and are ready to find their complimentary Integrator.  

Dan Sullivan, Strategic Coach says Rocket Fuel is a powerful model for freeing up entrepreneurial Visionaries to do want the do best.

What is Visionary DNA?

  • The company's vision creator and champion
  • Developer of new and big ideas
  • Ability to inspire and influence
  • Solver of Big Problems
  • Closer of Big Deals
  • Have a pulse of what's going on in the industry and target market
  • Strategic thinker
  • Ability to see the big picture.

It takes two types of leaders at the helm of a 10-250 person entrepreneurial organization to hit the next level. 

They’re known as the Visionary and the Integrator. Source: Mark C. Winters and Gino Wickman from the book, Rocket Fuel.

Visionary…are you ready to find your other half, an Integrator, to grow and expand your company?

Are you ready for more profit, greater reach and increased freedom in your business?

Is It Time to Hire an Integrator? Take This quick Quiz to Find Out!

Question 1:

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed and struggling to perform at your best in multiple roles within your company?

a) Yes, it's becoming increasingly challenging. 

b) Not really, I manage well on my own

Question 2: 

  • Are you experiencing fatigue and burnout due to the weight of decision-making soley resting on your shoulders?

a) Absolutely, it's taking a toll on me. 

b) No, I handle with ease.

Question 3: 

  • Have you become the bottleneck for communication among your team members? 

a) Yes, everything goes through me, and it's causing delays.

b) No, communication flows smoothly without any bottlenecks.

Check Your Results:

  • Have If you answered mostly "a": It's clear that you're facing the signs that indicate it's time to hire an Integrator.  The weight of multiple roles, decision-making fatigue, and being the bottleneck of communication are hindering your ability to reach your full potential as a Visionary leader.

  • Take the next step and explore the power of having an Integrator™ by your side. Book a call with me today to discuss your unique needs and discover how a Fractional Integrator™ can transform your business.

  • Have If you answered mostly "b": You may not be experiencing the immediate need for an Integrator™ at this time.  However, it's always beneficial to evaluate your business's growth and consider the benefits of having an Integrator™ in the future.

  • Keep in mind that when the time comes, a Fractional Integrator™ can provide the expertise and support to elevate your business to new heights. Feel free to reach out when you're ready to explore this opportunity further.

Take action now and book a call with me to discuss your specific situation and discover the potential of having a Fractional Integrator by your side. Let's propel your business forward together.

What Are Others Saying?

Kathryn Hennessey

Certified EOS® Implementer™, Outpace Enterprises, CT

What sets Brenda apart is her genuine care for her clients' success

Working with Brenda has been a great experience! As a Fractional Integrator working with companies running on the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS), she has brought a level of dedication and expertise to my clients.

What sets Brenda apart is her genuine care for her clients' success. She goes above and beyond to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. As I teach EOS to my clients, Brenda then helps the rest of the team fully embrace EOS and its tools. Her guidance and insights have significantly influenced the growth and development of my clients.

Her passion, attention to detail, and dedication to success makes her a strong asset. I highly recommend her services.

Dr. Elizabeth Boggier

Owner and Visionary, MountainView Veterinary Hospital, NJ

Immediately we knew we were in capable hands...

"From the moment Brenda Violette stepped in as our Fractional Integrator, we knew we were in capable hands. Prior to her joining us, we were on the brink of collapse, held together by scotch tape and bubble gum. In the first 90 days, we suggested she cut us loose and jump ship many times. But she would always just smile, politely decline, and remind us to “Trust the System.” I am grateful she did not take my multiple offers to give up on us to save herself before it was too late. 

Brenda's dedication to building a sustainable structure and framework has breathed new life into MountainView. Weekly leadership meetings (L10s) have become powerful problem-solving forums where we address issues head-on and ensure we are collectively moving in the right direction. The Accountability Chart, the Seats Identified, and the GWC evaluations have allowed us to realign our team, ensuring that every member is in the proper role and is genuinely passionate about their contributions. As for myself, I now had the time to enjoy my profession and see my patients with a spirit I thought was forever lost. 

But perhaps the most significant achievement of all is the transformation in our hospital culture. Fueled by a newfound sense of purpose and belonging, the toxic environment of burnout and stress has been replaced with a culture of support, encouragement, and growth. Brenda has not only helped us "right our ship" but has also guided us toward a brighter future filled with promise and potential."


Certified EOS® Implementer™, Outpace Enterprises, CT

Brenda has years of experience and is very effective in filling the crucial Fractional Integrator role...

Brenda is passionate about the work she does. She truly has a help first attitude. She has years of experience and is very effective in filling the crucial Fractional Integrator™ working with companies running on the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) role and bridging the gap that every Visionary needs to execute on the EOS process.

kendra mcquilton

Owner and Visionary, Energia, NY

Brenda's skills in leadership, management, and holding everyone in my company have been essential to our success.

Brenda Violette joined my team as a seasoned EOS® [Entrepreneurial Operating System] trained Integrator™ as we embarked on a national business expansion.

To accomplish the big goals required for the company to move in that direction, we needed a great deal of skill and support in the day-to-day operational oversight and management of the growing team, ensuring we had the right structure to grow, the right people in the right seats and the accountability system that is in alignment with our objectives.

Brenda, very quickly, became an integral and trusted member of the organization. Her experience and skills in leadership, management, and holding everyone in  my company accountable have been essential to our success.

As a Visionary, I am now confident that the business is being well run and managed while I focus on strategic relationships, new business deals, and planning for the future.

Energia would not have the traction it has gained without Brenda as part of the leadership team.

Gail Tully

Founder and Visionary, Spinning Babies®, MN

You are fully our Integrator...

“I’m so grateful for the clarity, scope, and high-level perspective you bring to our team, my company, and the vision. You are fully our Integrator. You carry a strong vision of our organization that we all depend on.  You are rock solid. You’re doing beautiful work with my leadership team and me.”

Beth Embry

Small Business Leadership Coach, CO

Could you ask for a better Integrator to work with!

Brenda is a dynamic Integrator who meets the company’s diverse demands for her time with incredible grace and patience.

Starting from our first meeting, Brenda oriented me with perfect balance of hard data and company culture, and she has met each rising issue with this same balance.

Excellent at managing hard conversations, Brenda is easy to talk to and always seems to find the time to meet even with her demanding schedule. Could not ask for a better Integrator to be working with!

glenn frost

Founder and Visionary, Affinity CPAs, CT

My business was in a rut for years...

My goals and vision for my business completely changed.

I was in a rut for years, but with Brenda's patience, tools and insights we moved forward and are aiming for higher growth than I ever did before and now we know how to get there.

It's all about getting the right people in the right seats on your team..and Brenda is one of them.

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