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Leading, Supporting and Driving Accountability in Your Organization.

Fractional Integrator™ for Companies Running on the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS)

Discover the Power of Growing and Scaling Your 
to the Next Level...WITH the Support of an Fractional INTEGRATOR.

"Once you recognize that the purpose of your life is not to serve your business, but that the primary purpose of your business is to serve your life, you can then go to work on your business, rather than in it."

~Michael Gerber, from the book - The E-Myth

Every true Visionary needs a great Integrator if they want the VISION for their company to be realized.


Loves Generating Big Ideas

Creates the Vision

Embodies the Culture of the Company

Closes Big Deals

Operates on Emotion


Makes the Best Ideas a Reality

Executes the Vision

Relentless obsession with values, alignment, focus, simplicity, and clarity.

Keeps the Trains Running on Time

Operates on Logic

What is an Integrator?  

The Integrator role can have many other titles, including VP, CFO, COO, President or Chief of Staff.

An Integrator works closely with the leader of the company who sits in the Visionary seat of the organization.   An Integrator™  brings all three major functions of the organization; Sales & Marketing, Operations and Finance together and ensures all resources are aligned and are rowing together toward the Visionaries vision, mission and goals.  

Brenda Violette, Fractional Integrator

It's important to understand the difference between bringing in someone to personally get everything done versus lead, support, and drive accountability in your organization.

an Integrator helps...  

the Visionary by creating structure, clarity and accountability, so that everyone can all row in the same direction and move the business forward toward the company's vision.

an Integrator Creates Results In Your Company by...

  • Overseeing daily operations including people, processes, and systems.
  • Harmoniously integrating the major functions of your company.
  • Executing the business plan.
  • Providing leadership, management, and accountability for your leadership team.
  • Resolving issues efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Ensuring projects are well-managed and making it across the finish line.
  • Being accountable for P&L results.
  • Removing obstacles or barriers to accomplishing annual and quarterly goals.
  • Ensuring leadership and execution teams are harmoniously rowing together toward the company's vision, mission and goals.
  • Harnessing the Visionary's ideas and implementing the best ones.
  • Ensuring the company's operating system is being followed by all.  My favorite operating system is EOS® Entrepreneurial Operating System.
  • Being the "glue" that holds everything together.

My Integrator Proven process

If you are really serious about growing and scaling your business to higher levels of profit, reach and freedom…

As an experienced and skilled Integrator™ I see the value and highly recommend if you're thinking of implementing EOS® in your company that you work with an EOS Implementer™.

The roles of the EOS Implementer™ and an Integrator™ trained in all things EOS® are very different roles.  

Each role brings different and required skill sets to kick-start your business to begin creating traction for growth.  

An EOS Implementer™ will help you to implement and navigate the EOS tools and processes that help create a framework for your business to get unstuck and moving forward.  

Many times, working with an EOS Implementer™ in the beginning helps the Visionary to see the value and the WHY business owners need an Integrator™.  This role is responsible for integrating all the functions and resources of the company.  

You can easily find an EOS Implementer™ by clicking here or I am happy to introduce you to a few of my favorites.  

The following is my proven process for working with clients.

My Integrator™ role in the business is to own the EOS® model and ensure everyone is following and rowing together toward the company's mission, vision, and goals.

Violette Proven Process

How Do Fractional Integrator Service Work?

For companies running on EOS®  my clients receive the same type of service as a full-time Integrator™, but on a fractional (fewer hours) basis. 

Some companies do not yet have the business model and/or financial budget that supports hiring a full-time Integrator.

Fractional Leadership in all areas of business are available these days for those small companies who need the experience and skill-set of seasoned professionals to fill the gap in specific areas in the organization until the business is ready to hire full-time leadership roles.

Are you ready to learn more about what a Fractional Integrator™ would look like in your business?  

Curious exactly what a Fractional Integrator™ does?

Connect with Me Today!

I'm happy to answer any questions you have.

Just imagine what your business, your life, would look like a year from now if you had the right people in the right seats driving your business forward.

Who Are My Clients? 

The V/I Duo™

My clients are business owners sitting in the Visionary seat of their organization and running their company on EOS® - the Entrepreneurial Operating System and working with an EOS Implementer™

They've worked hard to get the company out of the start up phase and into a business model that generates consistent revenue and that perfectly meets the needs of their community and the market.  People want what they have to offer, plus more.  

The business issue now is they are pushing up against the ceiling in the ability to move the company forward on their own.  They hired others along the way to help them get their innovation ideas across the finish line, but hiring people means managing people.  The Visionary's Unique Genius® does not typically include managing the mountain of details of running the day-to-day of a multiple million dollar company.  And managing and holding people accountable, well for most Visionaries, that's simply not in the DNA of a Visionary Entrepreneur.  

My clients are ready to let GO to GROW their company to higher levels of revenue, service to their clients and freedom in the business to operate in the best seat in the organization for them, the Visionary seat.  

My best clients are those who have read the book, Rocket Fuel: The One Essential Combination That Will Get You More of What You Want From Your Business by Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters and are ready to find their complimentary Integrator.  

Dan Sullivan, Strategic Coach says Rocket Fuel is a powerful model for freeing up entrepreneurial Visionaries to do want the do best.

What is Visionary DNA?

  • The company's vision creator and champion
  • Developer of new and big ideas
  • Ability to inspire and influence
  • Solver of Big Problems
  • Closer of Big Deals
  • Have a pulse of what's going on in the industry and target market
  • Strategic thinker
  • Ability to see the big picture.

It takes two types of leaders at the helm of a 10-250 person entrepreneurial organization to hit the next level. 

They’re known as the Visionary and the Integrator. Source: Mark C. Winters and Gino Wickman from the book, Rocket Fuel.

Visionary…are you ready to find your other half, an Integrator, to grow and expand your company?

Are you ready for more profit, greater reach and increased freedom in your business?

I’m a Visionary.  How Will I Know When It’s Time to Hire an Integrator? 

One of the first signs you will need an Integrator™ is when you are holding multiple seats in the company and not performing well at any of them.  Are you tired, burned-out, and the primary decision-maker of the company?  

Are you the bottleneck of all your team members' communication, it’s probably time to hire an Integrator™.   ~Source: Vision Spark

What Are Others Saying?

kendra mcquilton

CEO, Energia

Brenda's skills in leadership, management, and holding everyone in my company have been essential to our success.

Brenda Violette joined my team as a seasoned EOS® [Entrepreneurial Operating System] trained Integrator™ as we embarked on a national business expansion.

To accomplish the big goals required for the company to move in that direction, we needed a great deal of skill and support in the day-to-day operational oversight and management of the growing team, ensuring we had the right structure to grow, the right people in the right seats and the accountability system that is in alignment with our objectives.

Brenda, very quickly, became an integral and trusted member of the organization. Her experience and skills in leadership, management, and holding everyone in  my company accountable have been essential to our success.

As a Visionary, I am now confident that the business is being well run and managed while I focus on strategic relationships, new business deals, and planning for the future.

Energia would not have the traction it has gained without Brenda as part of the leadership team.

Gail Tully

Founder and CEO of Spinning Babies®

You are fully our Integrator...

“I’m so grateful for the clarity, scope, and high-level perspective you bring to our team, my company, and the vision. You are fully our Integrator. You carry a strong vision of our organization that we all depend on.  You are rock solid. You’re doing beautiful work with my leadership team and me.”

Beth Embry

Small Business Leadership Coach

Could you ask for a better Integrator to work with!

Brenda is a dynamic Integrator who meets the company’s diverse demands for her time with incredible grace and patience.

Starting from our first meeting, Brenda oriented me with perfect balance of hard data and company culture, and she has met each rising issue with this same balance.

Excellent at managing hard conversations, Brenda is easy to talk to and always seems to find the time to meet even with her demanding schedule. Could not ask for a better Integrator to be working with!

glenn frost

Founder and CEO of Affinity CPAs

My business was in a rut for years...

My goals and vision for my business completely changed.

I was in a rut for years, but with Brenda's patience, tools and insights we moved forward and are aiming for higher growth than I ever did before and now we know how to get there.

It’s all about getting the right people in the right seats on your team and Brenda is one of them.

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