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Do you have a scalable business?

How Scalable is Your Business, REALLY?

Growth is the primary goal for the majority of business owners.  

They ​need to create a scalable business to manage the expansion.

If you're like many women CEOs and business owners running a 6 and 7 figure business, you're probably feeling like you've hit a wall in the growth of your ​company.

​You’re feeling trapped in the day-to-day ​and exhausted...

​leaving you little to no time and energy left to focus on the ​bigger picture of growing your ​organization to ​higher levels of  profit, reach and freedom.

​​Business Owners ​Want to scale the Business to...

  • ​Help​ and serve more people; changing the world
  • ​Consistently ​increase ​revenue and keep​ more profit
  • ​​Enjoy​ ​freedom and balance between work and personal lives

​Can You Take On More Clients?

Let me ask you a question...

Can you take on more clients today without feeling that your business may break?

​Nine out of ten times, the answer to that question is “no”.

That’s because your business isn’t scalable…yet.

Before you can scale the front end, your back end needs to be ​positioned for growth.

What Does It Mean to be Scalable?

​Scalability is the the ability of a company to grow to meet the company's business needs.  

It's the ease with which the supply of a product or service ​can be expanded to meet the changing levels of demand from your market.

What Does ​Scaling mean to You?

If you’re like many women CEOs, you started small.

​Your ​business started with just you, your laptop, and an idea. 

I love the Visionary Entrepreneur!

These days, the business has grown and it's become bigger than just you.  

More and more people are wanting to work with you and are willing to pay.

Revenue has grown to multiple 6 or 7 figures, and so has expenses.  

You and your team are different pages, and you constantly have to explain your vision and instructions.

You're sitting on a treasure chest of opportunities to increase revenue and you don't have the bandwidth, resources or systems to follow-through.

​And, you're wondering...

How do I accomplish the vision and goals for this business when I feel stuck here.  

Growing your Business to the ​next level is on your mind.  You're ​thinking about what it will take ​for your business to higher levels to reach more people, increase profit and gain more freedom and balance.

You need a scalable business.

Most CEO's feel anxiety about what this next step.  

What will ​growing larger mean in terms of more of your personal investment of time, energy, expense?  

After all, you’re already overworked and ​stressed just keeping up the current daily responsibilities of running your business and serving your clients.

It's tough to know what you should be doing right now to prepare your business for a successful future.

What you do know is that you have a burning desire to see your VISION come to life.

You didn't create your business to run a business.  

You didn't start a business to have another JOB!

​building a scalable ​business

In my experience working with successful women entrepreneurs since 2008, the following are critical ​facets of building a scalable ​business.

​1. ​How Strong is ​Your Business foundation?

​Every business needs ​​​foundational systems, processes and automation that ​​allow ​the business to grow in size ​while withstanding ​the challenges of expansion.  

One of the first things I laser ​focus on when ​beginning work with ​new clients is the ​framework of ​the business.​

I ​​analyze and ​consider ​the ​systems and automation, tools and technology, human resources (team), financial controls, processes and procedures - all the functions of the business and how they all interconnect with each other and align with the big picture. ​  

What can we keep and what do we need to move to higher levels?  

2. Focus ​on scalable business ​Automation

​It’s common wisdom from other successful entrepreneurs to invest not in where you are today, but in where you want to be tomorrow.    

In the beginning phases of the business, there is a strong temptation and need to purchase tools and other resources that will just get you by in the moment.

I get it.

There’s not a lot of cash in the beginning.

If you are serious about the VISION you want to accomplish through your business, you’ll want to adopt the long-haul mindset.  

Too many times I’ve seen business owners spend thousands of dollars and waste ​multiple ​ hours trying to ​Jerry-rig inadequate tools and systems that bottle-neck viable revenue generation projects.      ​

3. Embrace strategic planning

One the most important tasks ​for any business owner ​needs to focus on is strategic planning to scale the business to higher levels.

​​What is the plan for efficiently ​enrolling ​more clients and being able to serve them through all the phases of business growth?   

​What is the plan for increasing revenue and managing escalating expenses?  

You'll want to ​map out where you want to go and your plan to ​get there. 

​You don't have to do this ALONE!

My clients ​work out ​the most strategic ways ​to reach and scale the delivery to their target market with their strategic business coach.  ​As the ​​Virtual COO ​(Second-in-Command) my role is to execute the plan. 

What is the VISION you want to ​​accomplish through your business?

What is ​your mission? ​

hat are ​your BIG Picture goals?  

With this information, ​along with other important pieces ​like financials and metrics, we begin a planning strategy ​which aligns with where she’s going and how we’re going to get her there. 

"When you take the time to define where you’re going, you can develop a plan, stay on course, make adjustments as needed and reach your destination."
​-Infusionsoft CEO Clate Mask

4. Focus on Your Core ​Strengths

​In the early stages of business growth, you were the ​only person who did “everything” in the business.

What you didn’t know, you learned.

Every role and job description belonged to you.

These days you find yourself still stuck in "DOING" many of the same tasks that you carried out in the beginning of your business. 

Even with a small team who are executing tasks in the business you still need to hire, train and provide oversight in the day-to-day tasks and operations of your business.  

Focus on your core strengths, and delegate the rest of the tasks related to running your business to a ​Second-in-Command.

When you’re buried in the “​DOING” of your business, you have little to no time and energy to focus on those higher-level tasks that will grow your revenue and reach in an expandable way.

Are you ready ​for a scalable business?

​​Perhaps you are and don’t know what to do next?

​If you're a woman CEO or business owner running a ​multiple 6 or 7 figure business you're most ​ready to hire a second-in-command to help you maintain, grow and scale. ​

​Is this you?  ​Click below to schedule a complimentary discovery call with me. ​

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About the Author Brenda Violette, Professional Fractional Integrator for Companies Running on EOS®

Brenda Violette is the founder and CEO of Violette Business Services, LLC an online business and operations management company serving visionary women entrepreneurs since 2008. Brenda’s core service offering is Fractional Integrator, often called a COO. If you are familiar with the book Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters, you will recognize the roles of Visionary and Integrator. The V/I Duo™. Some Integrators like Brenda, work with companies who need the expertise of an Integrator but are not yet ready to hire a full-time Integrator. She partners with business owners generating early million-dollar organizations while sitting in the Visionary seat of the company and running their service-based company on EOS® Entrepreneurial Operating System. EOS® has become more and more popular in the marketplace. And Brenda loves it because it is a simple and straightforward framework for creating traction and growth for her clients. In the role of Integrator, it is her job to drive the model. She is passionate about helping business owners grow and scale their purpose-driven service-based companies. To learn more about how a Fractional Integrator can help you create big growth and sustainability visit

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