Brainstorm with an Online Business Manager

Are you the leader of your own destiny?

Brainstorm with an Online Business Manager


While it is tempting to wait for the next new superstar hire or bright and shiny program to magically create the momentum we need in our business, it is not always the wisest strategy.  We are the leaders of our own business destiny.  It does not matter what kind of business you run, or what kind of organization you lead, the number one key that will determine your level of your success will be momentum.

An online business manager can be a great brainstorming partner to keep your momentum going.

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Are you being held back from playing bigger in your business?

Brenda Violette, Online Business Manager, Violette Business Services


As a business owner you need to stay focused on those areas of your business that ONLY you can do. Some examples of what you should be doing are such things as your Big Picture Vision, Marketing and Sales, Content Creation, Delivery of Services, JV Partnerships and Speaking and Teaching. Everything else you need to get off your plate.

If your business has reached 6- figures plus it’s time to hire an Online Business Manager to partner with you and manage your day-to-day operations, projects, and team so that have the time and freedom to take big steps in your business.

Just imagine:

  • gaining more time and freedom to focus on your core services
  • improved management of day-to-day tasks and projects
  • having a strong foundation to grow your business
  • accelerating your business growth
  • you not having to be a part of every single decision in order for things to get done
  • having a Business Manager and team that is invested in your success

and more…

Are you ready to stop doing everything yourself?  I invite you to click on the following link and complete an application,

Is today the day you transform the way you do business?  

Wishing you much success,
Brenda Violette
Certified Online Business Manager and Implementation Expert


Feel the Freedom From Your Business -

Are You Sacrificing Too Much For Your Business?

Feel the Freedom From Your Business - www.BrendaViolette.comHappy 4th of July!

Today, my family and I will celebrate Independence Day in a traditional way.   Family and friends will join us later today to sit and relax out on our huge deck, devour great food from the grill and enjoy each other.  We will remember and celebrate the history and traditions of the United States.  We remember the sacrifices that were made for the independence and freedom that all Americans enjoy today.

As I was preparing for the festivities that will go on at our house today, my mind couldn’t help but think about the independence that I provide for my clients as their Online Business Manager.

When I left corporate 4 years ago and built my online business management company, one of the important considerations for me in choosing to become an entrepreneur was to create work-life balance.   I love delivering the skills, expertise and experience that I bring to the market place, but I also love my family, friends and life style.  Running a business is not for the faint of heart. My clients are exactly the same.  They don’t want to sacrifice everything for the sake of the business.

As a business owner whose business is consistently growing, there will be a time that you will need to declare independence from spending too much time working on areas of your business that you can and should delegate to someone else.  When you do you can begin to laser focus ONLY on those activities that will give you increased levels of freedom and grow your business to new levels. When you begin to delegate you create time for business growth and a personal life.   In the beginning you needed to take care of everything in your business – it was just you, money was tight and you were still learning your way.  But, now that you are out of that stage of your business you can and should let those areas go so that you can pave the way for your business to grow and prosper.

By hiring an Online Business Manager you’re gaining independence from needing to know how to do and manage day-to-day operations, tasks, revenue generating projects, team members and more that keep you stuck and not able to play the bigger game.   You want to be the face of your business with high visibility and totally synced with your purpose.  This comes from getting out from behind your desk and focusing on what you do best in your business and let the rest be taken care of by your trusted Online Business Manager and team.

Is today the day that you transform the way you do business?  Is today the day that you declare independence from tasks and projects that keep you stuck and off focus from the bigger picture?

Are you ready to be LIFTED out of the day-to-day operations of your business so that you can work ON your business – instead of IN it?

Is This You?

If You Can Dream It


Many business owners make the mistake of thinking that they can do it all in their online business.

The internet has paved the way for people to learn how to perform tasks to build an online business, but is learning those skills to save a few dollars the best use of your time and energy.

Let’s face it – why waste precious time on learning and implementing tasks that take away from your core services? Just think, when are not losing time trying to get a website up, creating social networking profiles, figuring out how you are going to sell products and services online the more you can strategically plan, network, grow in your industry and of course work with client and generate revenue.

Online Business Managers are equipped with the skills to manage a team of professionals to ensure on time project completion, set-up systems to help streamline your business, oversee payment for services rendered, and deliver excellence with a focus on generating revenue. Your Online Business Manager will be able to encompass all aspects of your business, including helping you to harness and develop all of those CREATIVE and BRILLIANT ideas. If you can dream it, we can manage it!

Are you ready to stop spending time on tasks and projects that do not generate direct revenue? Are you ready to focus on your business in a new way?

I invite you to connect with me. Yes, I’m Ready to Talk.

Transforming the way you do business,

Brenda Violette, Certified Online Business Manager and Implementation Expert

Managing Your Virtual Team with an Online Business Manager

Is Managing Your Virtual Team Stressing You Out?

Welcome back to “What Can An Online Business Manager Do For Me”?


Last time I shared with you how an Online Business Manager (OBM) shows up for you in your online business by managing your projects.

Today, I am going to share with you how an Online Business Manager reduces your stress in the managing of your virtual team.

Without a doubt managing a team is one of the most stressful roles for the business owner.  You hire people to take things off of your plate, but many times you find that it is a frustrating and time consuming task.  You would rather do anything else but pick up one more call or email giving direction to and following up with someone to make sure things get done.

One of the roles of the Online Business Manager is to manage your virtual team.  Yes, you will need a virtual team.  An OBM’s job is to manage your business and team – not do all the tasks.

It is the OBM’s job to determine what support is needed in the business, hire and manage the team members, and deal with the day to day of delegating, answering questions, training and making sure that things get done.

This gives the business owner the freedom to focus on areas that ONLY the business owner should be doing.

Are you at that place in your business where you are ready to stop spending your precious time performing in this role in your business?  Just think how much time it would save you every day and every month.  You could use that time to get more clients, create higher end programs, serve your current clients in bigger ways, obtain higher levels of visibility in your market, and create multiple streams of income for residual revenue.

If you are ready, I invite you to connect with me.  Yes, I’m Ready to Talk.

Wishing you much success,

Brenda Violette
CEO & Certified Online Business Manager
Brenda Violette, Online Business Manager

How Would You Like To Avoid or Eliminate Business Burnout?

Brenda Violette, Online Business Manager


Partnering with an OBM is an absolute must for successful businesses that want to experience growth and whose owners want to avoid or eliminate business burnout. Some online business owners try outsourcing essential business tasks only to discover that it is even more time consuming to watch over the outsourced projects. To create the time needed for business growth and reduce burnout, there should be someone else in charge of project management – an Online Business Manager.

Online business owners who have successfully partnered with an OBM have more peace of mind and feel a better sense of control and accomplishment in their business.  For example, since your OBM has an active and comprehensive role, vacations can now be enjoyed rather than skipped or compromised by worry.  You can count on your OBM to provide continuous follow-up with their outsourced team, allowing you, the business owner to focus on creating new products or contacts which lead to increased revenue.

I specialize in working with professional coaches, speakers and authors who have been in business for at least 3 years, are currently working with or have worked with a business coach to create a clearly defined and proven business model that is creating consistent six-figure and plus revenue and are ready to grow their business to new levels with the help of an Online Business Manager and a “dream team”.

Are you ready to be LIFTED out of the day-to-day operations of your business so that you can work ON your business – instead of IN it?

Does this sound like you? If yes, click here to take the next step to transform the way you do business today!

Wishing you much success,

Brenda Violette
Certified Online Business Manager & Implementation Expert

Brenda Violette, Violette Business Services,

What is the typical background/experience of an Online Business Manager?

Brenda Violette, Violette Business Services, www.BrendaViolette.comWhat is the typical background/experience of an Online Business Manager? Do they perform any tasks in the business?

Online Business Management is a new industry and is growing by leaps and bounds – Online Business Managers are in high demand!

Many decide to enter into the Online Business Manager profession due to their strong professional backgrounds in administrative, business management, project management, operations management and other business growth related professions.  Many Virtual Assistants have stepped into this role recently due to the tremendous growth that comes from supporting online business owners and realizing their own potentials.

Many OBM’s possess many or all of what is to be considered the 10 Critical Virtual Assistant hard skills in order to support the growth of an online business, which are:

  1. The Marketing Mindset
  2. Basic Website Maintenance/Design
  3. Online Research
  4. Ezine Publishing
  5. Blog Posting Skill
  6. Written Products Skills
  7. Audio Products Skills
  8. Shopping Cart
  9. Driving Traffic
  10. Customer Service

Online Business Managers also possess the soft skills such as leadership, organizational, creativity, big picture thinking, process thinking, etc.  that is  necessary to grow a business.

Online Business Managers will step in and perform tasks when appropriate, but primarily must stay focused on the bigger picture for the growth of the business.  When your OBM is trying to perform the many tasks that should be delegated to other virtual professionals things begin to fall through the cracks and the business suffers.

Online Business Managers clear your plate of the day-to-day management of tasks and resources so that you can focus on what you do best!

Are you a professional speaker, coach and/or author?  Are you at the six-figure mark and have hit the ceiling in being able to grow or even your business anymore on your own?  You know that you need help, but you don’t even have time to sit down and figure out what you should and could delegate to someone else – AND you don’t have time to recruit, train and manage team members?

Are you ready to go to the next step, click here

How Many Abandoned Projects Do You Have?

Brenda Violette, Project Manager


As you go through your day, how many projects are you working on for your business? Presently, are you the only one who can complete these projects? What if you were to turn these projects over to a project manager? How much more time would you have available? What would you do with that time? Create new products? Add new services? Take on new clients? The list is endless.

If you want to forecast your full business potential by relieving yourself of these necessary but growth blocking projects, set up a few interviews with some potential Online Business Managers. Let them suggest what might be blocking you from your success and how they can help. This will give you an excellent idea of what your business could be like, should you choose to partner with an OBM.

In addition to being your project and team manager, a good OBM will implement business strategies and resources to save you time and money.

Do any of the questions above sound like you?  Visit my solutions page today at

Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have at

Wishing you much success,

Brenda Violette
Certified Online Business Manager and Implementation Expert

Digital Publishing Virtual Summit

Join Me For The Digital Publishing Virtual Summit

Digital Publishing Virtual SummitThis is so exciting!  Join me for the Digital Publishing Virtual Summit.

Are you an author or writer? Would you like to know what all the digital publishing buzz is about? Would you like to find out why it is important for authors and writers to know about digital publishing?

Then join us this Thursday, June 7th at 7:00 PM Eastern.

Grab your seat as it will give you live access to all 20 workshops for the Digital Publishing Virtual Summit.

Listen in as world-renowned experts share their wisdom and interact with a dynamic community of authors, writers, coaches, speakers and other virtual professionals who will also be attending this exciting event.

To reserve your seat for the bonus workshop as well as for all 20 workshops, head over to:

I look forward to seeing you there!

Brenda Violette, Online Business Manager & Implementation Expert


Growing of Your Author Business

The purpose of your book is to share your message. You are the message and your book is the doorway to you.

Below is a short list of some of the areas where authors need management support the most!Authors

  1. developing your online presence with a branded book blog or author blog
  2. planning and conducting a virtual book tour as a way of gaining exposure and increased book sales
  3. training and guiding you on what and how to prepare the essential components of a book or author blog
  4. help you set your virtual book tour
  5. explore with you the different blog tour models
  6. help you line up hosts
  7. setting up a system to collect endorsements – testimonials and book reviews
  8. developing and producing book trailer videos
  9. creating your book fan page on Facebook
  10. grow your business reach by setting up your author social networks: Facebook, Amazon Central, Google Reads

Next steps:



I look forward to walking you through the process of creating the proper platforms to build your online presence and sell your book(s). Please feel free to click here to contact me.

Brenda Violette, Online Business Manager & Implementation Expert


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Certified Book Marketing Specialist

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